Woomera from the air

The above photograph of Woomera Village was taken by Max L. Ryan, who was Senior Photographer, and later the Officer In Charge of The Still Photography Section, DSTO Salisbury.  Max has provided the following information about the above photograph c. 1979:

I vividly recall taking this photograph from an Otter aircraft at 10,000 feet, Piloted by Air Commodore Jim Sutherland, Officer In Charge, RAAF Woomera. To gain this altitude it took something like one hour of flying time, turning very slowly with rudder, so as not to lose height by "slipping" in the thin atmosphere, to position the aircraft over the center of the village.

I remember the extreme cold as I was lowered down the tail to take this Vertical Image.  A bit primitive you say? - but quite acceptable for that time.

Max says he is proud of his Woomera photography. Many of the images one encounters here and in books are testimony to the professionalism of Max and the other photographers of those bygone days.

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