Original Woomera theatre

The Woomera Theatre was an early priority for the new village of Woomera. An old Air Force hut was brought north from Port Pirie where it had been used as a gymnasium at the Air Force Camp.

Seating 420 patrons on folding canvas chairs which were removed for dances, etc, the theatre served its purpose until it burnt down in 1962.

(Photograph of the old theatre is courtesy of Lynn Smith).

The present theatre (below) was opened on 13 September, 1963. Then equipped with 694 seats, it cost 100,000 Australian pounds (A$200,000).The current Woomera Theatre

The Gibber Gabber reported that: Furs atop beautiful short evening frocks, satin and organza theatre coats and glittering jewellery made a glowing spectacle at the gala opening of the new theatre in Butement Square. In the crowded foyer, which had been decorated with miniature pines and ferns, excited chatter could be heard before the performance of the variety show, described by compere, Mr Bert Newton, as "In Woomera Tonight".

The theatre is still in use on a much reduced level, but is probably deserving of hertiage listing.

(Photograph of current theatre by Mark Rigby, October 2001.)

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