Class images are courtesy of  Graem Harding
who was born in Woomera in 1958 and left in 1969.

Grade 3, 1966, Woomera Area School

Woomera Area School - Grade 3 class in 1966. Teacher was Mrs Rogers (not in photo).
Some names Graem remembers from this class are Murray Morgan, Robert Trench, John Chambers,
Marcia Singleton, Wendy Gosling & Robyn Whittle.

Grade 6, 1969, Woomera Area School

Woomera Area School - Grade 6 class in 1969. Teacher - Mr Hill.
Names from this class supplied by Graem include Robyn Whittle, James Wilson, Brigitte Daley, Darrell Routledge, Julie Zimmerman, Daniel Conners, Warren Radloff, Rudy Price, Robin O'Donnell, Janet Adlard, Tanya Christie, Wendy Gwinnell, Christine Hill, David Sheppee, Ian Smith, Ian Bee, Craig Cotton & Marcia Singleton.

( Anyone wanting to contact Graem Harding can do so at:  gwharding@picknowl.com.au )

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