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Date: March 15, 2007

Subject: Contact

I would appreciate it if you could post my request on the Woomera site. I was a young soldier with AGWTU from 1970 to 1972, met some great people in Woomera, mostly females and would be interested in finding out how their lives turned out once they went back to the USA. My girfriend at the time was Jayne Alison Miller (daughter of Colonel Miller). She had two brothers Rick and Scott. Other people were Tracey Lou Thompson, Judy Clements, Toni Thompson and Marsha Shoemaker. If anyone remembers me and is visiting the site please feel free to contact me.

Terry Leahy

E-mail:    TerrydLeahy@aol.com

Date: March 15, 2007

Subject: Danny Watt in Woomera 78-81

My name is Danny Watt. I have submitted requests earlier on March 16, 2003, and Feb 9, 2004, but I have changed my email address and website once more since then. I am still looking for anyone who lived in Woomera or/and was in school with me. I was in 7th 8th and 9th grade during the time.  I have already made some contacts and look forward to making many more. I would like to plan a reunion in Woomera in the future. Although it is probably too late to schedule our 30th School reunion, I would like to consider a 35th year reunion in about five years to give everyone time to plan, or save up for the trip.  Please see my original requests. You can contact me at my email or website listed below.

Danny Watt
Salt Lake City,  Utah

Website: www.wattfam.com

E-mail:    dan@wattfam.com

Date: February 20, 2007

Subject: Father

I wonder if you would be able to help me . I am looking for my father.  My fathers name is Edward Arthur Sargent and he was born in Croydon, Surrey, in 1921  As far as I know, he enlisted when he was about 17 years old and made a career out of the RAF.

He was a Warrent Officer in the 1950s when he went or was posted to Woomera, South Australia. His RAF  No. was 551574. I don't even know if came home to England after Woomera or if he stayed there.
Shirley Francome (Nee) Sargent

E-mail:    shirley.francome@btinternet.com

Date: February 19, 2007

Subject: Big Jim's passing

Jim Sykes (Big Jim) passed away February 15th.  He had a passion for Australia as a result of his time in Woomera and made numerous friends while he served in the USAF there. I thank you in advance to the service you provide to all former Woomerites, a way to stay in touch, reminisce and look ahead.
Rhonnda George

E-mail:    rhonnda2@yahoo.com

Date: February 13, 2007

Subject: Spud Murphy's passing

To whom it may concern, my name is Tracey Walton (Murphy). Last  night, Spud Murphy, 80, passed away at 11.10pm (February 12th). Struggling with a long illness, my grandfather was the owner of Spud's Roadhouse out at Pimba. If anyone wishes to contact the Murphy family, please contact me at the email address below.
Thank you.
Tracey Walton

E-mail:    btbt04@bigpond.net.au

Date: February 6, 2007

Subject: Woomera Reunion

The shadows are long on the land and the role call shorter with the passing of each season.  We,  the originals,  are soon to march inexorably into history's page.  This Web Site is an incredible boon to those of us who have lived and loved in Woomera and,  for this,  we are eternally grateful my friend.
Soon a new dawn shall rise and with it the 'Gate Way to the Stars' shall once again bloom as a wondrous city in the middle of a desert.  My the new wave of Young Turks love her as we who bequeath her hidden glories, do.
Mean time,  that Reunion is coming around right smartly folks.  60 years ago. . .  only yesterday.
I am making my way up to the Old Place ~ to walk her empty streets and hopefully share a kind word with comrades long since moved on.  How about it folks ?  Do you reckon we valiant few can make the trek one last time ? I look forward to meeting you all there this Easter ~ perchance a few ends of Paddy Mellon Bowls and memories of the Duo Decathlons?   Do we get to reminisce about the Immortal Robbie Smith or of a time when you could actually trust a 14 year old to do something more important than run an errand to the shop (just as long as they have a note).
Until we meet again,  Janet Cox that was . . . ex-Galloway and now Silsbury.

E-mail:    lomasnr@dodo.com.au

Date: January 25, 2007

Subject: Identities

RAF group - part of Blue Streak team?

I would appreciate your help identifying the people in the adjacent image. I believe it is a group of RAF personnel who were part of the UK MOD supply team for the Blue Streak launch.

The officer on the right shaking hands is my uncle Wing Cmmdr  Bill Gallagher.
Thank you.
H Gallacher

E-mail:    h.gallacher@virgin.net

Date: November 28, 2006

Subject: Woomera request

We lived at Woomera from Dec 1952 to the late 60's, on and off.  It was a great place to be and we finished school there, then worked at Range E and in the Tech area. We plan to be part of the 60th celebrations next Easter, but would like to contact old school mates who can remember either or both of us.

See you there.

John and Tony Selby

E-mail:    jdselby@chariot.net.au

Date: November 17, 2006

Subject: Contact details

I'd just like to update my contact details for anyone interested in contacting me. I was with Fairey A'asia from in Woomera from 1979 to 1983 and I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
I can be contacted at:the email addresses below.
Chris Anderson

E-mail:    christophera@iinet.net.au or alternatively chrisanderson1952@hotmail.com

Date: October 31, 2006

Subject: Woomera

Hello Mark... just looking for help in locating some old mates from Woomera. I was part of the AGWTU and operated the long range radar at the range and sound ranging at Mt Eba. I was involved in Water Polo Basketball and Capt./Coached the Rugby League Team. Our footy team was made up of most of our AGWTU team and blokes from the British Marines and RAF types working on Red Shoes and Red Duster. Some names that come to mind are Spike Rose, Bob Osmond, Barry?, Dave Kent, WO1 Dan?

We had a great time and I'd love to track somebody down. I remember Flossie from the cameras and the heaps of advice she gave me when I was thinking of getting married and our discussions over LP records that eventually got left in the back seat of my car and got melted in the heat. I bought a 1954 Plymouth from Pt Augusta with my 21st insurance money. I took a pommy mate to Qld with me one long weekend and we rolled the car past Broken Hill... got to Bundaberg with parts flying off everywhere, waited three weeks for it to be fixed and then my mate hit a roo on the way back so I traded it in on an FJ ute, but that's another story... would be delighted if I was able to raise anyone.

Morgan Midgley RAA 1/410268

E-mail:    mmi28757@bigpond.net.au

Date: October 19, 2006

Subject: Posting

Hello there! I was turned on to your site by Smiley... aka Ian Smith.

I lived in Woomera from 1972-1974; my dad was in the Air Force. We lived at 11 Kinka St. and I would really love to hear from anyone. My dad is Woody Woodring... I am Janice Woodring.

From reading thru your pages, there are not very many from the kids I knew back then: Smiley, Gibbsy, Greg & Lynn Cameron, Boo Weber, Slav (tho I did see his post!), Peter Taylor, Chris & Andrew Morris, the Waite kids.. Judy, Phil & Burt(?), Debbie Gunderson, Evelyn Wray, Rick Kurtz, John Hattersly, & so many more... The families on our street: the Staines, the Vincents, the Mercers... Anyone knowing anybody I have mentioned, feel free to contact me. I am living in Orlando, Florida and have been since returning from Woomera in 1974. I think your site is great & gives everyone a place to re-live a great time in their lives!

Thanx....Janice Caulder (Woodring)

E-mail:    nanajana87@yahoo.com

Date: September 29, 2006

Subject: Woomera/Maralinga

Came across your Woomera web page and found it very informative.
Basically, I served with the Royal Navy as a Radio Operator at Maralinga, part of the Woomera set-up, in 1965/66.  At that time, I along with another Radio Operator, Stuart Linton, operated the Teleprinter Link with AWRE Adelaide and had many a conversation with the two ladies who lived in Elizabeth, Adelaide, with their families.  Many a day was passed chatting to the ladies (names have slipped my mind at present). It would be nice to be able to speak with them again, or their families to say how their banter kept us sane in the outback.
Secondly, can you advise me of whom I can contact to find the family of RAAF Warrent Officer Beresford who served at Maralinga and who basically took me under his wing so to speak as I was a young wipper snapper of 19 years old. He taught and showed me a lot of the outback as he was the station Aboriginal representative and we visited many a Aboriginal camp together.
I hope that you can assist me and I wish the Woomera Web Page all the success for the future.

Kind regards,

Alan Fawcett,
Peterborough, England

E-mail:    asf333@btopenworld.com

Date: September 25, 2006

Subject: Woomera Request

Hello ex-Woomerites and perhaps present. It has been a while since I have posted on here, but love to come back and check it from time to time. My dad passed away June 26, 2006, in Adelaide, and I wanted to post it on here for all his mates to see and remember him.

Bob Veale was in Woomera from 1978 til 1990 and worked out the Nurrungar site kitchen. He enjoyed his time in Woomera immensely. Whenever I would call him from the States, after he moved to Adelaide, he would say "Oh! You'll never guess who I ran into the other day....." It was always someone from Woomera, or someone's uncle's neighbor's friend who knew someone from Woomera! It truly is a small world out there!

This is his daughter Kerry (now Johnson). If you would like to contact me, I would love to hear from you.

E-mail:    aussi64@yahoo.com

Date: August 22, 2006

Subject: Request

After being away from Woomera for 31 years, it was great to discover your website and read some of the requests. My family, parents Barry David and Pauline Anne Higgins, sister Veronica and brother Paul lived in Woomera from 1969 to August 1975. We lived in Bahlaka Street initially and then at 5 Dewrang Avenue. My father was in the fire service and latterly was in charge of the Airport Crash Crew.

I do not remember many of my old mates other than Paul Wetherill, Paul Oldfield, Paul Worthy, David Holcroft and Karen Peterson and Debbie Smith.

It would be great to hear from anybody that I went to school with between 1970 and 1975. I was 15 went we left to return to England in August 1975.

E-mail:    philip.higgins@rullion.co.uk

Date: August 17, 2006

Subject: Old Pals

I lived in Woomera from 1978 to 1981. My dad, Peter Cooper was in the Federal Police up there. I'm looking for any of my old school pals. My name was Helen Cooper then, but I'm married now and I'm now Helen Lukacs.

E-mail:    hlukacs@shaw.ca

Date: August 17, 2006

Subject: James Bush

Does anyone remember James Bush (Jimmy) who worked on several firings. Left approx.1960 due to ill health. He died in England in 1971. I am his daughter and would appreciate any mention of him as we had a fire and all that remains are the cartoons.

E-mail:    GiMrsP@aol.com

Date: August 5, 2006

Subject: Max Hawkins Woomera Request 28. Updateof email.

Updating my email  (below).

 I am absolutely wrapped that the site is still going strong. A couple of people have contacted me from your efforts. Namely Roger Sanderson and Stan Harrington.
Whilst I was travelling Australia for 5 years, I tried to find Bob Bell the son of Sue & Peter Bell. (Peter was one of the SP bookies in Woomera). I tracked him to Ranger Mines in Jabiru and spoke to a lady in the Info Centre. She said he was living in Adelaide (her father new him well).

I have sent Christmas cards to Sue & Peter since I left Woomera and called into 99 Military Road West Beach where they lived on my Australia trip as the cards stopped a few years ago. Has anyone any knowledge of Sue or Peter? Bob married Merilynn and had a son.
Max Hawkins

E-mail:    hawkeye01@optusnet.com.au

Date: June 30, 2006

Subject: Request for Larry Smith

I am searching for a privately made (Not the WRE 16 minute doco' available from the National Archives) documentary film of Black Knight during Project Dazzle at Range E Woomera in 1964-5, details as follows:
Title: Thought to be 'Black Knight' or 'Black Knight Trials'.
Vehicle/Trial No: Filmed BK21 in April 1964 and BK23 in June 1965 (There was no BK22)
Content: Reception and preparation of BK in Test Shop 2. Erection & testing of BK on launcher 5A. Static firing & launch of BK's. Film includes trials personnel from Hawker Siddeley Dynamics (HSDA), Saunders Roe, Bristol Siddeley, Westland Aircraft, Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE), WRE and the Army Trials Team working on the BK vehicle.
Producer: Vic Bullock, Senior Trials Team Leader for BK.
Film Type: 8mm movie film. Sound track on a separate tape was made then later synchronised with the film. The narrator or voice-over was provided by a New Zealand fellow.
Duration: Approx. 45-50 minutes running time on one reel.
Distribution: It's thought that copies were held by Jock McLoughlin, Chief Engineer, Black Knight, HSDA (now deceased); RAE, Farnborough and National Archives of Australia (NAA) in Sydney. I've tried to communicate with the RAE but no success thus far. The NAA have ~70% of material yet to be examined - they probably need someone to volunteer their time to search their storage in Sydney.

If anyone can shed some light on its whereabouts I would be ever so grateful. I was one of the younger team members (HSDA) included in the film - all of 40 years ago!
Ivan Winter

E-mail:    iwinter@senet.com.au

Date: May 5, 2006

Subject: Request

Hi Everyone.  I posted a few years ago, but wanted to let everyone know that I have updated the Yahoo Group WoomeraAustralia with some pictures from when I was there in 1986-1987.  It would be great to catch up with anyone who was there during that time.  Come on over and check out the group.  The link is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/woomeraaustralia/ 
Dayn Meisner

E-mail:    woomeraaustralia@yahoo.com or dameisn@aol.com

Date: May 2, 2006

Subject: Request for Larry Smith

I am looking for an old AF buddy, SSgt Larry Smith, who was stationed in Woomera in 1986. He would have come from the DC area and would be hard to forget. Please contact me if you knew Larry and have any info.

E-mail:    astamper@nc.rr.com

Date: April 2, 2006

Subject: Reunion/Contact Request from Dan Watt in Woomera 78-80

I am interested in organizing a 25th class reunion, which would be coming up in 2008.

Below is listed my website, phone number and email address. Please feel free to contact me anytime to reminis.

Danny Watt
Salt Lake City, Utah

Website; www.watt.aros.net You can contact me via this site also.
Phone # in the USA  (801) 568-5142

E-mail: dan@watt.aros.net

Date: April 1, 2006

Subject: Address Requests

Hi Mark,
I have visited you Woomera site on a regular basis for the last few years and have managed to catch up with a couple of lost friends.
Hoping you could you put this in the requests archives please. 
My father (Allen Higgins) passed away recently and my mother ( Gwen Higgins) is trying to contact Tom and Faye Nestor.  Mum received a sympathy card from Tom and Faye but unfortunately has lost the envelope with their address on.  Of course mum would also be happy to hear from any of their friends from Woomera.  Mum can be contacted via my email at nhiggins@adam.com.au.
Neil Higgins

E-mail:    nhiggins@adam.com.au

Date: March 29, 2006                

Subject: Woomera Births info   (This is a followup to a Request posting on February 8, 2006)

Hello Mark,

I have been looking into where the Birth records of the Woomera hospital are stored. On a site about the Woomera hospital it mentioned that the Woomera hospital was an extension of the Port Augusta Hospital. I sent an email to the office that I believe was in Port Augusta and this is the reply I received.

From Sandra Hill,  hill.sandra@nfwrhs.sa.gov.au

I have been asked to respond to your query regarding the birth records from Woomera Hospital. I believe that these no longer are kept at the hospital. You will need to make a written request, including  your contact phone and fax numbers and address and the details of your enquiry.

This should be marked for the attention of Office Services Co-ordinator and addressed to:

Defence Centre Woomera
PO Box 157,  Woomera  SA  5720

I will also send this info to Christina Pollard the person who put the query on the Woomera memories site (February 8, 2006, posting).
Mark I would like to tell you how much I enjoy your Woomera memories site.

Thank you.
Mary Heppell

E-mail:    heppell2@bigpond.com

Date: March 21, 2006

Subject: A red 1959 Dodge

Hi Mark, I have just been looking through your Woomera site and found it very interesting. Although I never worked there I have been there many, many times as I worked nearby in Roxby Downs for five years. I also have some close friends who worked and were born there in the late 60s so the place has always fascinated me (I have an old sign that came from Antenna Track B Field hanging on my shed).
My request is a little weird, but I hope you understand and can find space for it. Hopefully it jogs a few memories of the weird and wonderful vehicles that were running around SA's far north back then.1959 Dodge
I am looking for the previous owner or people who may remember a bright red 1959 Dodge Suburban 2-Door Stationwagon. The story I have is the vehicle was brought in for a US serviceman in 1959 when the car was brand new. The hard part is, it is actually a Canadian car. This is the ONLY 1 in Australia and we have only found 1 other survivor in Canada, so it's a rare vehicle and we would love to know its history prior to 1977.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Andrew Staples
Adelaide South Australia

E-mail:    dodge@bigpond.net.au

Date: March 13, 2006

Subject: Woomera Requests - Sid & Lee May

My name is Christine Briscomb.  I lived in Woomera from 1962 to early 1967 with my husband David and two children Fenella & Virginia.  We have many fond memories of our time as new migrants.
My husband recently died and I regret that we lost contact with his friend and Woomera workmate Sid May.  I would like to let Sid know of David's death, so if anyone knows of Sid or his wife Lee's current whereabouts, I would be very grateful if they would contact me.
Christine Briscomb

E-mail:    briscomb@bigpond.net.au

Date: March 3, 2006

Subject: Woomera 1976-1981

What a lovely website, it is bringing back so many memories!

I lived in Woomera for five brilliant years with my Dad, Mum and brother (Mally, Denise and Ryan Gray). What great times, Dad working in Koolie's at the weekend and giving us unlimited goes on the Space invader machine to keep us quiet, plus unlimited Raspberry and lemonade. The pool where we spent so much time as kids, the dirtbike racing that my brother was so fond of, he let me have a go on his bike once, but I only succeeded in crashing it into a tree on our lawn in Dewrang Ave! The shooting, the cricket, Ronnie Weaser (Wiggles) and his dog. Friday nights at the theatre with two dollars!  I could go on and on, but I have many more memories to read!

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or any of my family who also include my Uncle and Aunt, Phil and Joan Griffiths, who lived in Woomera for several years, leaving in about 79 or 80 I think.
Joanne Pendlebury (nee Gray)

E-mail:    joanne.pendlebury@ntlworld.com

Date: February 8, 2006

Subject: A Woomera Hospital request

My name is Christina Mary Pollard. I was born at Woomera Hospital on 4 January 1961, my brother Peter Vivian Pollard was born there on 22 March 1962.  My mum, Patricia Pollard is now 84 and cannot recall my birth details, my father Vivian Edgar Pollard died 13 years ago.   I need some information from my birth record - I want to know my time of birth.  I have called the Woomera Hospital and made the request, but they do not know where the records are kept.  They said something about BAE but could give me no other details.  I looked on the web, called a SA company called BAE but had no luck.  I am wondering if you can help me.

Christina Pollard

E-mail:    cwin@iinet.net.au

(A good question:  If anyone knows where the hospital birth records are kept, please advise, as there are no doubt others who would find this useful.  Mark Rigby)

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