Missiles A.  Europa 1
B.  Sparta
C.  Black Arrow
D.  Aero Mach
E.   Jabiru
F.   Black Knight
G.   Skylark
H.   Long Tom
I.    R.T.V.
J.    Aero High
K.   Aeolus
L.    H.A.D.
M.   Koorigal
N.   H.A.M.
O.   H.A.T.
P.    H.A.E.C.

Colour illustration:
Mark Rigby

Over the course of half a century, many missiles have been launched from Woomera. Shown here are a selection of the vehicles tested on the range. Links to sections about some of them are highlighted and, in time, additional sections will be added on each vehicle, as well as some others not depicted. A completely separate section on guided missiles will eventually be added.

A History of Woomera
Research Missiles
Tracking Stations
Range News
Gibber Gabber
Woomera Village
Woomera Life
Memories of Woomera

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