I was just thinking about Australia and thought I'd look to see if I could locate information on Woomera.  I lived there as a child when my father was stationed there in the Air Force.  As I remember it, all that was there was the Air Force base we lived on.  I have not been back since I was a small child, but had fond memories of how beautiful it was there and the fun we had as children growing up.

I remember going to school in a strange elementary in the woods.  Unlike the other schools we had to travel by foot to get there and when lunch time came, we carried a basket to the inner school to retrieve lunch and brought it back.  Having to have the milk frozen so it would not spoil when we drank it, we had a lot of fun "eating" our milk, and having our lunches in brown paper in "tin-can" housing as we called them, growing our own grass on base and watching as it grew into beautiful lawns for children to play on, was a chore....

I remember helping my father take blades of grass and implanting them into the hard soil with Bobbie-pins in rows.  Walking on the salt flats and coming across an old house where someone had passed on and left his mark in the world, going to the Arboretum and watching all the animals and birds, playing in the park.

I really do miss it there.

Thank You

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