It was great seeing your Woomera page, I actually lived there on and off from 1976 until 1980. Firstly I got a job at "Spud's Roadhouse" as I was travelling back from Alice Springs, stopped there for something to eat & drink, and he offered me a job. I decided to give it a go, what an adventure that turned out to be, I was a "Jill of all Trades", if anyone remembered "Spud" they will know what I'm talking about, he had me doing everything, from pumping petrol, to cooking burgers, washing floors etc. etc.

It was a real experience I must say. I met so many people while I was there, but most of my time was spent in Woomera itself, that's when I could get someone to get me a pass to get in the town. I had a great time , there was always something happening, if it wasn't a softball or basketball or footy game to watch, there was always a party happening somewhere.

I met a lot of truly wonderful Americans while I was there, and made some great friends. I married an American G.I. too, we married in 1980 in Adelaide, and then I went to America with him to his next assignment, which was in Washington State .  He worked at the site at Nurrungar from 1976 to 1980  in power production. He played a lot of sports while he was there, basketball, softball coach, football.

Well, I could go on forever about all my experiences while I was there, but I don't want to bore you, I worked at the Mobil Service Station, the TAB, cleaned people's houses.  I don't know if anyone would remember Maurice Callahan - well I cleaned his house, also still friends with his daughter Rosalie, who married an American also , Bill Gilchrist, known as "MOOSE' - they live in Colorado Springs now. I'm still married, will be 20 years in February 2000.

It would be nice to talk to anyone out there, who was there at the same time.


I was fascinated to see that there is a web site out there associated to such a small town out there in the outback of Australia ... but a small town that has left a mark on many people ... like myself.  I use to live there between 1972 to 1984.  I grew up there ... did my schooling at the Woomera Catholic School, Woomera Primary School and then graduated from Woomera Area School in 1983 ... it wasn't long after that the whole family moved to the U.S.

The 12 years I was there was great ... and what I wouldn't do to be there again ... even if its just to visit.  I know that since we have been here to the U.S., there is a group of people around Colorado Springs in Colorado that would sometimes have Woomera Reunions for anyone that once lived/stationed there ... but it has been so long now that I wouldn't know who to contact in regards to these ... and whether or not they still have them.

I remember alot about Woomera.  I played a big part with the Woomera Area School athletics .. also the normal town sports in regards to Cricket, Footy and Soccer.  My father [Chris Goodlace] worked out at [geee .. I don't know if I can say it or not :-) ] the tracking site [hehehe] .. we were involved in the creation of the Woomera Historical Society .. with the fully restored Canberra Bomber [man that took a long time to restore .. especially all the holes that were in the plane from being used as target practice] but it was an event and one I would do any day. We still remember alot of people that were there during our stay - we are still in contact with a couple (Chant's is one of them).

It would be nice to hear from some of the people that were there between 1972 to 1984 ... and to see if anyone knows about these reunions in Colorado.


Martin Goodlace

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