I was born in Woomera and lived there until I was six years old. My dad looked after large machinery, he was a mechanic.  Dad was also a go-cart champion. When I was six weeks old, I did the lap of honour with him in the cart (stuffed in the front of his overalls).

My mum tells me I had a full-blooded Aboriginal nannie named Betty, as my mum was sick and could not care for me fully.  I remember Santa coming on a helicopter and the Sturt Peas in our 'garden'.  We have a family folk-law about how it only rained once in the six years we were there - don't kow if that is true.

My pink and grey gallah 'Cockey' was found by my dad on the roof of his workshop.  He raised him with an eye dropper and we had him for 17 years. When we moved back to Perth my dad drove with Cockey stuffed down the front of his shirt to cross the border, as you were not allowed to take animals across.  Dad said that the border guard wanted to chat - and Cockey was pulling at the hairs on dad's chest - as they exchanged pleasantries.

My mum spoke of the sugar train, immunisation and flouride tablets....

Both my grandmas came to visit to help out after my brother and I were born at Woomera Hospital 18 months apart.

We had a 'Woomera' on our wall for many years after we left.

Cheers Christina


(8 February 2006)

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