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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your great website.  I found it a year or so ago and I guess time has gone by so fast I did not get around to doing anything about it.  I have just been given a copy of the Gibber Gabber dated March 24, 2005 by a friend who has just come back from a trip around Australia and it got me to thinking a lot about Woomera again.

My family and I moved to Woomera in 1961.  John was in the RAAF and worked out on the Range for three years.  We lived in Burrimal Street.  After that time John was posted to Laverton and on his discharge from the RAAF, we decided to return to Woomera. By that time my two eldest kids were going to school (being 8 & 7 respectively). He went back to work for Short Bros & Harland but moved over to work for AWA.

We left up there again because back then, (1968-69) they said Woomera was closing down. Here we are nearly forty years later and it is still going - apparently not quite the same place. I have not been able to go back again since. Most of us young mums either belonged to the CWA or members of the "Mothers Club" at the school. Great times were spent making cakes, etc, for the fetes.

We made several trips down to Quorn by bus with the CWA. Reading the other memories on your site certainly brings back heaps of memories and I must admit a lump in the throat as I lost my husband quite suddenly a couple of years after moving back to Melbourne. 
I would love to hear from anyone who lived up there at that time and was a young mum at the time or might remember my late husband John Montgomery.
June Montgomery


(NOTE: E-mail address corrected 18 Feb 06 - anyone who had tried June's e-mail please note - I had left the "j" off previously. My apologies - Mark Rigby)

(22 July 2005)

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