Woomera: 1975-1978

Woomera, what memories it evokes. 

We, as a family -Mum (Anne), Dad (Tommy), Granny (Kitty), Daughter (Fiona - 6 yrs) and Son (Justin - 2 yrs) arrived in Australia from Northern Ireland on 30th December 1974. 

The 31st December saw us pile into my brother’s (Jim Rooney) Holden station wagon (air conditioning consisted of opening the window) for our trip to Woomera.  I must emphasise that at this stage we were definitely dressed like immigrants - for the women, pantihose, petticoats, etc, etc, and for Tommy, long trousers and long-sleeved shirt.  You have to remember that when we left Belfast it was snowing.  To add to the discomfort, I was the proud owner of a plaster cast due to a broken arm just prior to our departure from Ireland.

The trip to Woomera… what can I say!  Compared to a lot of the people who travelled the road to Woomera we were lucky, only 31 miles of dirt, but we were people who were used to getting to a distant destination in about an hour.  Granny (and the kids) kept asking “are we there yet?” only to be told by Jim “not much longer”.  This was in spite of the fact that as far as the eye could see the road stretched like a ribbon into the distance.

We survived the trip and arrived into the unique and wonderful place that was to be our home for the next three and a half years.

Our first home was in Burrimul Street (Geoff and Noeleen Hastwell were our neighbours) and then we moved to Boorong Street and into what was the Zehender’s old place (the garage was still painted blue and white), and our neighbours there were Bill and Maureen Markey. 

Tommy got a job with Area Services and I worked in the Woomera Board Office (and later JDSCS at Nurrungar).  Even Granny (who was 69 when she arrived in Woomera) got a job at the Kindy.

Some of the memories: 

Anne Moore


(26 April 2005)

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