Woomera - 1960 to 1966

Mark, thankyou. Your development and maintenance of this site is a fantastic  achievement and,  considering you never lived at Woomera, completely selfless.  I'm sure, however, that making people happy brings its own rewards. 

My name is Robert (Bob) Brown and I spent my early teenage years (1960-66) in Woomera and witnessed the launch of the Blue Streak, albeit from the school yard days after the original launch was cancelled. Those gathered in the specially prepared viewing area would remember the disappointment of the countdown - 10, 9, 8 , 7, 6 , 5,  4, 3, 2 - Stop Stop, Stop!!  

It was a great period to live in Woomera, particularly as a teenager. There was vibrancy that I've not  experienced since. Swimming, great movies at the pictures, Go Karts, motor bikes, the Roosters Footy Team (I didn't get too many kicks because of my age, but older blokes like Steve Wright could kick a goal from anywhere, Exy Beckman was jet and Bob Spooner kept opponents looking over their shoulder); trapping rabbits and rides out to the 'Pines' to explore eagle's nests; the Beatles were at their peak and there were dances (Stomps) and other activities organised for every weekend. Children wanted for nothing and we were safe and happy.

The details of my family are: 

Dad -    Cliff Brown Sergeant RAAF who worked primarily on the Jindivick as an Air Frame Fitter.
Mum -    Marg Brown worked at the Drycleaners
Big Sister -    Marie Brown - who was a High School Prefect.
Little Sister -    Sue Brown
Little Brother -    Neil Brown

Sadly, Mum and Dad have passed on. However, after a stint at Laverton Airbase, living in Werribee, we returned to Perth and all the children have raised families.  I'm a Police Inspector with the WA Police Service.

In Woomera, we lived firstly in Currong Street where the Bickley's were our friends and neighbours and then moved  to Cooraki Street where our neighbours opposite were the McGowan's, I think.

As I said, it was great time to live in Woomera and although the memory is a little hazy some of the names of friends I recall are John Sanders, Phil Hall, Freckles, Robyn McGeegan (I've still got the gap in my teeth and the scar on my lip), Sue Radford, Josie Biles, Suzie Mole, Bruce Mason (with the unfortunate nickname of 'Leper').  There were other special friends too.  I remember the 'Williams' were good friends of Mum and Dad.

Should anyone wish to contact me or members of my family, please feel free to email.

Once again Mark, thank you and I hope to re-visit Woomera in the near future. 

Robert (Bob) Brown


(11 January 2005)

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