I am an American who lived in Woomera from 1991-1993.  When I lived there, my last name was Lister (I was married to Scott Lister).

I worked for MWR.  I ran the framing shop after Coleen DeJack had a baby and then the ceramic shop with Yuksel Chow (spelling) and volunteered at the artist co-op.  I was also Barbie in a silly Christmas play at the theatre.  I was also a gym  rat and loved to walk or bike or rollerblade the perimeter road.

People I remember - Jane Kelly (hair stylist), Tammy Kelly, Charlotte & Wesely Tatum, Miss Teri Beagley, Yuksel Chow, Doug and Anna Schultz, Levi, Cami Jackson, Sonja Pickering and her Cinnemon rolls.

Some of my favourite Woomera memories - first grocery shopping trip in Australia, pub food, going to Flinders Ranges and Wilpeena Pound with Charlotte and Wesley, bbq's at Breen Park, the milk bar, waking up with Emus or sheep in your front yard.  All the galahs.  Walking everywhere.  Don't miss the flies!  I still have my pink brim hat with the net on it. Hanging out at the pool.  I really enjoyed the time I spent there and the people I got to know.

DeirDre  (Lister) Johnson


(28 December 2004)

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