The Good Old Days

Hi there to all of those people who have had the pleasure of living and working at Woomera, South Australia. 

Back in 1966, I was a young lady travelling around Australia and worked in each state of this great land so that I could get a feel for the place and live the life of the locals,  working Monday to Friday and get out at weeks to explore the treasures of each State. 

After working in the Whitsunday Passage and travelling as far Adelaide, I decided to go along to CES as it was called in those days.  I was told that there was a secretarial job going at Weapons Research in Salisbury.  I arranged an interview and was offered the job, but was told that it was a few miles out of town.

However I  said no problems, I have just been travelling from the Eastern States so another few miles won't make much difference to me. 

Looking down from the old DC3 when I was  approaching Woomera I almost passed out with shock.  The buildings looked like a few match boxes scattered in the red dusty donga with a few springs of salt bush. My first reaction was - oh girl you have done yourself in this time and it was pride which made me make a decision right there and then to stay for at least four weeks. 

I lived at Eldo Mess and met many wonderful people.  The highlight for me was swimming 20 lengths of the swimming pool each day and in the evening I played a lot of table tennis at Eldo.

I arrived in February 1966 and stayed exactly one year to the hour.  I remember a lot of wonderful people who I will list under and maybe one day I will hear from one or two of them if they happen to read this e-mail. 

My name then was Ann Neill and one of my good friends was a girl from I believe it was from Gawler called  Evelyn Malpass. Another of my friends was Lyn Doyle from Perth in Western Australia.  I might catch up with Lyn as I am not living in the West. 

I remember a lot of the Sparta team who I worked closely with.  The head of the team was Dean Carpenter, there was also Bill Agan, Al Hossack and Bud Swanson.  

My friend Evelyn worked at Baker Nunn out in the desert.  I also remember a girl called Jan Turner who married an American after I left Woomera. 

One of my school teacher friends, Helen, married a German fellow who was working on stage three of one of the Blue Streak Rockets.  She became Helen Redder and lived in Adelaide. 

Like all of those who have lived in Woomera, I have very fond memories and my thoughts often go back to those good old days. 

I would love to hear from other ex-Woomerites. 



(11 November 2004)

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