I'm another of the many who have had a great time reading your Woomera site - a great service!   Below is a copy of the email I sent to another of your contributors - I think there may be some info in it worth adding to your site next time you do an update, at least I hope so. Please feel free to show my email address, as I'd get a real kick out of hearing from other old Woomera-ites.

Jim Ashenden

(17 April 2004)

(Extracts from Jim's material are quoted below - Mark Rigby)

I lived in Woomera from 1956 to 58 incl., as my father Les was the headmaster. I was at the school for years 7, 8 & 9, and Mrs Rogers was my class teacher for year 7.   My other class teachers were David Shepherd and Eric Thompson. Teaching a higher class was Peter Noblett; I came across all three later in my schooling - Shepherd and Noblett at Unley High and Thompson at Campbelltown High.

I have a million happy memories of Woomera, among the main ones is being one of two people caught in the swimming pool during a very heavy hailstorm in late January 1956 - I was injured by the hailstones, but protected my head by putting it into the side channel.

I remember Len Beadell very clearly, as he used to come to the Protestant Church when not out in the bush - I saw him again many years later when I got him to give an address to a very large group in Moonta - he was hilarious, a huge hit.

Like most kids, I just about lived in the pool (entry 3d., I think) and of course never, but never, missed the flics every Saturday night. My brothers Scott and Dean are both older than me... Scott went to school in Adelaide.

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