I have just discovered your very interesting web site. I lived in Woomera from 1954 to 1960 in the Fire Station residence.  My father was the Chief Fire Officer, Mick Bryant.

The Headmaster at the school then was Mr Ashenden and the teacher I remember most was Mrs Rogers who I note is still going strong at 93.  Her daughter Gloria was in my class.  I also remember Mrs Mac and Mrs O'Neill.

The social life in those days was centered mainly around the cinema.  It was not unusual to go two or three times a week.  The dances were also held there and I still have a record of the "Rocket Range Rythym".  Films were also shown down at the Red Shield Hut.

Many of your commentators have mentioned Woomera West.  We used to sit in our cars to watch the films for free but could only see 3/4 of the screen over the fence.  The night sky sometimes became more interesting than the film as the stars were so clear and it was not unusual to see many meteors shooting down.

My parents were amongst the first players at the Golf Club when it was founded where you had to scrape the 'greens'' to sink the ball.

The swimming pool was also central to our lives and we spent most of our time there when not at school.  Does anyone remember the day of the huge hail storm when hail the size of golf balls rained down on us in the pool.  It was very painful!!!

I found this web site by searching for Len Beadell as his name appears in the Sunday Telegraph today.  I knew him and have a signed cartoon of his. I also have some old Gibber Gabbers.

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from those days.

Fay Bryant


(1 September 2003)

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