I realise your initial interest in Woomera may have been a purely scientific venture, however, you have inadvertently enabled many of us to venture back and remember a unique part of Australia's cultural history which will now hopefully be preserved.
Intentional or not? I know many of us are extremely grateful and hope you are able to continue the good work.

I offer a meandering memoir of my 11 or so years in Woomera in the 60s' and 70's where I spent my entire school life, so perhaps my perspective of the experience is a little different from the others you have received.  It never ceases to amaze me when I bump in to ex-Woomera people.  I was working as the Operations Officer in the Defence Dept in Tasmania and while browsing the site I found an article placed by SGT Andrew Dixon RAAF who was my Operations Sergeant. Neither of us had any idea we shared such a unique experience, but there you are, no matter where you end up you always seem to bump into another Woomerite. Well thanks again and I hope you find the attached useful. (See Memories sections below).

Kind regards
Phil Spehr, Operations Officer
CSI-Tas, Dept of Defence


(22 August 2003)

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