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Hi Mark, I think the web site of Woomera is fantastic. My name is Tracey Ann Walton (nee Murphy). I lived at Pimba from 1970 to 1985, then went back 1986 to 1988. My grandparrents owned Pimba Pub. Life style in Woomera was great, the best years of my life. I remember people like Ed Jacobs & Danny Watts and teachers Pam Chant, Mr Haskard & Mr Gray.

Living in Pimba, we use to have to catch the school bus each day. We thought we were pretty lucky - we were known as the Pimba Kids. The good thing about Woomera was the people were always great to talk to. Everyone knew everybody, the 4th of July was wonderful - a great party day for all. Then Halloween - think we were the only Australians to celebrate Halloween.

Then came the day when we had the donga bash at Pimba - we had danceing in the dirt; there was a live band and the fair came to town - a day that was! We raised heaps of money that day.

Then we had the most spectacular flying displays from time to time, especially when the Mac flight came in, what a plane that was - so big I think it use to rock Woomera when it came in to town.

Well, again your web site is great. Hi to all Woomerites.

Tracey Ann Walton (nee Murphy)


(18 July 2003)

Memories of Woomera

Thanks for a great site, I have been in contact with an old friend through your wonderful memories page and I am hoping to find more.  My family lived in Woomera from July 1967 to October 1969.  My dad was in the British Army and we came over
as part of the joint trials.  Woomera was a fantastic place for a teenager.  We lived on Dewrang Avenue, right at the bottom overlooking the donga.  Names I remember are Linda Hector, Elspeth McEachern, Susan Smith, Larry O'Loughlin, Susan Brautigan (still in contact with her), Roy and James Lister (have contacted Roy), Jeffrey Akers, Joan Selby, Sharon Smoker, Peter Jackson, Valerie Trigg.  Teachers were Mr Bottomley (Whyalla or bust), Mr Ramsbottom and a very stern Head, Mr Cameron.

My sister is looking for Megan Harris, Kim Trevellyan (?), Sue Bischoff.

I remember the 24-hour dance marathon, great fun when the fair came and stayed for ages, TV in the school hall so we could watch Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. Dorothy (?) putting chewing gum in her hair on guide camp so she could have her very long hair cut; hanging out at the coffee lounge and drinking coke spiders; spending all day at the pool - playing a strange kind of water polo and diving backwards off the top board.  It really was a fantastic time.

My name was Mary Palin then and my sister is Christina.  I hope some of the names I mentioned ring a few bells.


(15 May 2003)

Memories of Woomera

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