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I just found your Woomera History website.  It brought back lots of great old memories.

I lived in Woomera from 1974 until 1977, attending High School and just having a great time.  My dad (Ron Cline) was a civilian contractor working at the US Air Force ground station (Nurrungar).  I even started working for the same company (TRW) many years later.  And although I even worked on the same DSP program for a few years, I've never had the opportunity to return to Woomera, but I plan to correct that situation someday.

Unfortunately, I've lost contact with all but one of my old Woomera pals.  I still talk to Tony Vallin regularly, even though he lives across the US in Florida (I'm in California).

Things I remember most about Woomera: the great friends, riding motorcycles through the desert with the Woomera Motorcycle Club, water skiing at the lake with the Thompsons, learning to drive out in the desert, camping out with friends, learning how to work on cars and scavenging parts off the junked cars at the Woomera Sports Car Club yard, the 4th of July parades, working in the Woomera Cafe (more recently called the Coffee Lounge I think), games and dances at the youth centre, the KISS clones at the school dance, the live music on the High School "quad", my first girlfriend Elizabeth Rhodes (I wonder where she is now), Principal Klose catching us scratching our names in the new concrete at the High School, our Yankees softball team (all teenagers) beating all the adult teams to win the season championship (in 76 or 77), and all the other teenage high jinks.

My parents (Ron and Bonnie) are still around, both are retired and enjoying life and their two grandkids.  Unfortunately my brother Brad passed away several years ago.  I've forwarded your website address to my Dad and to my old friend Tony.  Hope they stop by to share the memories.

Anyone interesting on contacting me can use the e-mail listed below.

Craig Cline

Was: 9 Baranbali, Woomera
Now: Carlsbad, California, USA


(Fri, 7 June 2002)

Woomera Fond Memories

Was absolutely wrapped to find the Woomera Requests site. My name is Max Hawkins the guy that Janet Silsbury ( e-mail, 04 Mar 2002) was talking about. I was at Woomera in the RAAF from 1958 to 1963, just a young lad of 18 and single in 58, left
in 63 married and two lovely children.

In between, I played in Reg Paul's band on the skins, he played piano, a guy on sax doubling with licorice stick, another on trumpet and a bass player. Then when the beatles came out, I started my own band - three guitars and myself on skins.We had a great time.

I was also the Secretary of the Woomera Rugby League Assoc and, when the Rugby League crashed in Adelaide, we became the S.A. Rugby Football League - meteoric rise to State Secretary. I was also the youngest member of the Woomera Educational and Recreational Committee. One of our jobs was to bring some live entertainment to Woomera.

Talking about live entertainment, when I was single I got 14 days CB for failing to turn up on time to fill an aircraft on the weekend (spent too much time with Ernie Wilmot in the Jazza) and had to do my time on the weekend digging the gardens in the "crumpet farm" - boy it was hard in those days.I  even got CB for taking my wife to be to the pictures whilst on sick leave.

(Extra e-mail message on 24 June, 2002 - I am at Woomera now. As luck had it I met the Range Safety Officer at the R.S.L.on Sat night and he cleared me to go out to Evetts Field on Sunday. It was  a terrible feeling to see the  ruins of Koolymilka, the airstip overgrown where I picked up Jindivic aircraft after they returned (weren't shot down by 8 or 16 JSTU) not to mention the empty houses in the Village.

Max Hawkins (Hawkeye)


(Thu, 6 June, 2002)

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