Loved the page ... the memories came flooding back.

Ken BrookingI was in Woomera from 1964 -78, my family finally left in 91 or 92. I started school in 1965 and finished grade 12 in 1977. My father Ken (photo at left) worked, initially at Island Lagoon and then at the Range. My mother was a teacher at the primary school (grade upper 1) - both are still alive and living in SA. My brother Mark and sister Helen both started and completed their schooling in Woomera.

My mother & father where heavily involved with the Drama Society and I am still embarrassed by my father playing the Widow Twanky in "Aladdin" (~1970?)

Some of the names that I remember from your page:

Terry Lavender ... I remember him from the tireless work he put into the golf course.
Murray Morgan, and his late father Bluey. Jean Anderson and her brother Abo. Dot Goodall and her husband Nick,
Bob Spooner, Steve "Chingy" Zehender, Andrew & Simon Measday, and Steve de Costa.

Other names that I remember: Gwynn Rich, Anthea Petersen, Phillip Spears, Hilary McKinney (Brothers Andrew & ?), Helen Dixon (brothers Mark & Peter), Heather Jones with whom I have the occasional contact, Debby Smith, Karen Bond, Jan Whittle, Andrew Gur, Gary Smoker, Phillip Wilson, Paddy Hancock, and Curt Matoga.

Americans: Scott Plumb, Mike & Kevin McCaskey, Robin & Kim Wilson, Scott Cutter, Connie Larivee, and Beth Muirhead.

I played soccer for Koolymilka sports club and fondly remember beating the teacher dominated "Village" in the grand final of 1977. I played cricket for Senior Mess, Tinjilka and then Village Sports club. I learnt how to play golf at the Woomera Golf & Country Club (motto "where grass is actively discouraged")

Teachers  I remember are: Fred Hill (Rubber Duck!), Miss Sharp, Miss Telfor and Mr Eason. A Vice Principal of the primary school called "Twinkle toes" due to his sneaking up to peer in windows. Nick Finos, Mr & Mrs Heidi (those suits!), Andre Dumbleton, Jim Birch (Singing 'Blue Swede shoes at assembly and dedicating his next song "I am forever blowing bubbles" to Jean Anderson), Eddy Klose the High School Principal, and Mr Cameron.

I am currently working and living in Tasmania and would welcome contact with other ex-Woomerites.

Paul Brooking
Business Development Manager,
Cradle Coast Authority,
30 Marine Terrace, Burnie, Tasmania 7320
Ph:  (03) 6431-6285
Fax (03) 6431 7014
Mb 0407 737 855

E-mail: (new e-mail address)

(Tue, 5 Mar 2002)

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