Woomera 1966--1972

Re:  Steve, Margaret, Eileen, Carol, Margaret & Hazel Dow
        13A Karnang Street & 10 Goornan Street, 1966--1972

What a fabulous site!  I have sat and read for hours, remembering the wonderful years I spent in Woomera.

We moved to Woomera in 1966 when I was 10 (my father had been commuting between Woomera and Elizabeth Downs for some time before that).  I was in Miss Grund's Grade 5 class in 1966.  Other teachers I remember are Mrs
Griffith, Miss Poole, Mr Heide, Mr Creeper, Mr Holmes, Mr & Mrs Seipolt, Mr Ward, Mrs Garrett.  I often wonder whether the teachers have as fond memories of my school days as I have!  I always felt jealous of the other children in South Australia, who, according to popular rumour, were allowed to go home when the temperature reached 100 degrees F, while we just had to stick it out (or we would have missed a large chunk of our education).

In Karnang Street, we had the Westleys (kids Michael and Paul) living up the road, the Murrays (Kevin, Sharon, Carol and Charles) living opposite, the Cash family (Dorothy, John and Vickie) next door to them, the Zimmermans (Julie) on one side of us and the Harveys (Janet, Michael and Martin) on the other.  John Cash was the love of my life, though he never knew I existed in those days.  I met up with him years later in Canberra, but lost track of him.

I used to go bush with Janet Harvey regularly, especially to the Black Caves and the sewerage farm (which was supposed to be out of bounds and therefore a necessity to visit).  My sister Carol used to walk across the pipeline between the two slopes near the caves, and my mother would have killed us if she knew half the stuff we got up to.  I have memories of sinking Janet Harvey out at Philip Ponds (the claypans?) and getting her covered with leeches.  I still write to her (she forgave me) and to Audrey Jones who's father used to operate the projector at the theatre.

I so loved the old school photos you put up.  I'm sending some class photos with this email.  I've saved them as high quality tif, but I expect you will have to convert them to jpg or something for the web.  I would be happy to have them copied and posted to anyone who wants one.

I remember so many people I don't have photos of:  Christopher Barker, Bob Liford, Robert Verbergt, Marguarida da Costa, Wendy Weber, Carl Robago, Greg and Glen Mills, Arthur Clarke --- oh, too many to list.  If anyone remembers
me, I would be happy to hear from you.

I saw a message from Scott Miller who I remember.  Just loved his accent.

Someone also mentioned Tarzan from the swimming pool.  I'm sending a photo of him with me taken at his flat when I last visited Woomera in January 1978.  We visited him in Adelaide for many years.

My sister and I are going back to visit Woomera during the school holidays at the end of the year.

If anyone knows where John Cash is, would you please let him know that I would love to hear from him?

Love to everyone

Eileen Dow

Eileen Dallwitz

(Sun, 14 Oct 2001)

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