It's Been A Long Time

I lived in Australia from 1982 to1984 with my family.  My father was Air Force, though I never knew exactly what he did there.  Some of my fondest memories are of Woomera, as I was only 5 when I moved there.  I remembered going to the school . . . and down to the park, and the sports oval.  Its been a really long time, so I don't remember many names, since that was *gasp* almost 20 years ago.  How horrid.

I remember watching the one TV station that we could receive on the little tv, and the time that my father was a dj at the radio station (my parents still have tapes somewhere).  I remember going to the Oval at night and seeing the sea of kangaroos.  Or watching all the guys build those 'boats', drink, and run through the maze of engineer tape.

I'm in the Army now, married, with a beautiful 2 year old daughter, and one of these days I plan on taking my family there to see where I was, and tell them the things that make my memories so fond.

I really appreciate this web site, it has given me a bit more to hold onto those memories with.

Patrick Scott Crouch


(Sun, 14 Oct 2001)

My Time in Woomera

I was looking through your site and I was amazed at how many people had written about their experiences in Woomera. I too am from Woomera - born there in the 1970 and left in 1989. My parents were Spud and Mavis Murphy.

I also have a lot of Memories. I still remember about every 4th of July that they had, and the amount of military friends I had made. Spuds was a Hotel and Motel tucked away and separated from the township of Woomera. The Military would always pop in and out when the shifts were changing from Nurrungar.

I remember so much, Lagnaf Softball team, and our local spuds Dart Teams, I also remember all the people from the Lawn Bowls Club in Woomera. I remember Tarzan who ran the pool, and so many more people that would take me ages to just type.

I have not been back to Woomera in 12 years. As to all the stories I hear, it's not the same place, and it's a shame. I want to one day go back and see what it is like, I know I am in for a big shock. I would love to hear from you all, so don't be a stranger - drop me a line.

Take care and God Bless.

Shiralee Haenen ( Murphy)


(24 Sep 2001)

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