Its been a long time

I lived in Australia from 1982 to 1984 with my family.  My father was Air Force, though I never knew exactly what he did there.  Some of my fondest memories are of Woomera, as I was only 5 when I moved there.  I remembered going to the school . . . and down to the park, and the sports oval.  Its been a really long time, so I don't remember many names, since that was *gasp* almost 20 years ago.  How horrid.

I remember watching the one TV station that we could receive on the little tv, and the time that my father was a DJ at the radio station (my parents still have tapes somewhere).  I remember going to the Oval at night and seeing the sea of kangaroos.  Or watching all the guys build those 'boats', drink, and run through the maze of engineer tape.

I'm in the Army now, married, with a beautiful 2 year old daughter, and one of these days I plan on taking my family there to see where I was, and tell them the things that make my memories so fond.

I really appreciate this web site, it has given me a bit more to hold onto those memories with.

Patrick Scott Crouch


(8 Sep 2001)


Just found this web site and really enjoyed it.  I lived in Woomera from 1966 to 1977.  First in Boorong Street, next to the Catholic Church and then up on Snob Hill next to the water tanks.  I went to both the primary and high schools in Woomera and loved it all.  My Dad (Gus Klose) worked at Range E and then as Area Administrator.  My brother Paul was born there.  I also have sister called Wendy.

I remember the sports the most, and was heavily involved with the swimming club and remember the trips away during summer. Our swimming club was one of the strongest in the northern areas of South Australia, with some even going to live in Adelaide and continue to state level.  I remember the footy games up at the Newman oval and our family was a strong supporter of Village.  My parents were involved in the tennis club as well.  I read with fond memories Mr Zehender's recollections of life, and they lived up the road from us.

The many bus trips and exchanges with Yankalla and one high school in the Adelaide Hills.

We left Woomera to move to Darwin in 1977.  My parents still live there and keep in contact with some of their friends from Woomera.  The Markey's - the town baker, the Measdays, the Klose's (headmaster) and a few others.

I came across another headmistress last year in a rather unusual situation and we had good discussion when actually they had come to see me about a condition.

Would love to hear from any of the students who attend the schools between 1966 and 1977

Liz Obersteller nee Klose


(19 Aug 2001)

Beauty of Woomera

Hi Mark:

Just to solve my ultimate curiosity, one day here at the office I decided to try to bring up anything I could about Woomera.  I was totally surprised to find your web site.  In September 1973 my then husband - (Danny Toomer), myself (Cheryl - now Sherry), our 3-year-old Beth and 2-year-old Wayne, landed at Woomera.  For this lady who had never flown before, flying from Texas to Australia was fun and exciting. Looking from MAC flight flying over Pago Pago and thinking "We're going to land on that small dot in the ocean?"  Wishing I could take the beautiful tropical flowers with me. Our kids coming back to the States with Australian accents that the family loved to hear.

Our two years in Australia were GREAT!!! I'm a people person and meeting the "Aussies", the English and the other Americans there was a worthwhile experience. Danny, of course, worked there on site in personnel, I believe.  We lived down in a group of flats across from the "donga"  at the corner of Dewrang and Coorilla Avenues. Our neighbors then were Carl & Evelyn Birdno, Peggy Severini and her husband ( I have forgotten his first name). We did a lot of cookouts with Marilyn & Shane Grover from the village (he managed a gas station there).

Originally I'm from a small town here not far from Fort Worth, so I loved the lifestyle of Woomera.  Seeing the flocks of parakeets, "galahs", Kangaroos at the side of the road in the village and on our trips to Adelaide, Port Augusta and Whyalla. Wondering if they were going to jump towards your car.  Now that I'm single I have always said that I want to go back to Australia and party with the best of them.  (Could  Russell Crowe be there?). The people of Woomera were very warm and friendly, as we Texans are known for.

Below is my E-mail if there is anyone that wishes to converse or remembers any of the families.

Thank you so much for your site,


E-mail (

(17 Aug 2001)

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