Dear Mark,

I like many others have just come across your Woomera Site as a result of an ex-Woomera friend Ian Strachan.

My family and I spent some 20 years in Woomera. I went there in 1952 as an Assistant Storeman with Catering and joined the Supply Section as a clerk on June 3, 1953. My wife arrived there in March 1953 and my son Steven was born there on April 30 1953. Our three children, Gail, Lynette and Steven did all their schooling there and, in fact, all started work there.

In 1961, I made Supply Officer. I spent some 8 years as Chairman, WERI (Woomera Entertainment and Recreation Institute) and a member of the Woomera Board, and a couple of years before I left, as Chairman of the Woomera Board. My late wife Daphne, my daughter Gail and I were all Life Members of the Village Sports Club.

I attended the 50th Anniversary of Woomera and wrote the following while there. I have some interesting stories about the place and the people like Lennie Beadell. The facts are reasonably accurate as far as I can remember them.

Dick Zehender (The Big Zed)
ex 29 Carinya St
ex 1 Boorong St
Woomera SA
The Centre of the Universe


(21 Jan 2001)

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