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I was searching for some info on Woomera because I am heading up there next week, and wanted to see how things are from when I was there in 1966-69. Found your site and enjoyed reading the memories of some that I knew and others that I didn't know. Was suprised a bit that my name was not mentioned by those I knew, but that is probably because many would like to forget I existed.

I remember Woomera with fond memories. It was a great place to live and grow up in. Children could be children, there were so many places one could go and escape or pretend. I remember me and the Wilson boys going on a bushwalk to the Pines, and I also remember the trouble that we got in after because we did not get back until about 10pm and mum and dad had called in the police and they had search parties out and everything.

The pond just outside of town behind the garage that we used to go swiming in. Used to be full of these strange prehistoric looking shellfish.

The picture house and Woomera West. As a child it was a great place to go because we would go around collecting coke bottles (no cans then) and make a fortune from them.

I have changed a lot since those days, and now have a wife and 6 children. And I no longer get into trouble with the police. To anyone that might remember me, Hi, and if you would like to e-mail me I can be reached at the address below.

Next week (17/10/2000) I am going to act the big kid and take my 4wheel drive out to the Pines and a few other places that I used to play.

Thank you,

Roy Lister
Support Officer, Field Services, CSC


(Thu, 12 Oct 2000)

Woomera Memories

What a wonderful site! I have just finished reading all the "Memories" and felt I just had to contribute.

I first arrived in Woomera in 1962. I was sent there by my employer, the PMG dept (now Telstra). At the tender age of 18 and having lived a rather sheltered country life I certainly experienced a (very enjoyable) culture shock by the lifestyle of the place!

I lived in the single women's quarters officially called "Noorabalya Club" and unofficially something else, a collection of corrugated iron huts, communal dining hut and wash house, bathrooms and toilets, no air conditioning but how I loved it!! No one to tell me who I was allowed to go out with or when I had to be in! Heaven! Wonderful meals cooked for me and my room cleaned. What a wonderful bunch of girls shared my hut (# 1). I wonder where they all are now. I remember Hillary Leak, Barb Hewish, Anne Buick, Margaret Billings, Ursula Bolander, Iris Boath, Big Julie.

The telephone exchange in those days was a manually operated central battery system. The subscriber simply picked up the phone and asked the operator for the number. The WRE section was also operated by our staff and as the exchange was so unusual, new operators were given 6 weeks training instead of the usual 4.

I think the supervisor's name was Annette then. Some of the other operators I recall were Lesley Hunkin, Madeline Quinn, Jenny Greenfield, and later on Enid Keefe, Raelene Turner, Colleen ("Boots") Cordon and still later Dianne Grover, Maddie March, Jan Peacock, Anne Balshaw, many, many, wonderful girls. I remained working for the Dept. until the exchange became so busy it had to become automatic. I then worked at Defence Dept. until the late 70s when my husband and I decided to leave as employment prospects in Woomera's future for our 3 children looked bleak.

We all missed Woomera like crazy for years and I went back several times to visit but the BEST time was when I went back in '97 for THE Reunion! What a hoot! No place and no people will ever be like Woomera and Woomera people!

Thank you for a wonderful page, I will continue to have a read every now and then for new letters and perhaps write something more another time. Heaven knows I have plenty to contribute!


(Sat, 16 Sep 2000)

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