Red dust dreams and 5RRR Screams

Imagine my surprise when, upon Christmas of 90, I found out I would be spending my latter teenage years in the alien township of Woomera.  Of course, at that age, what was important to me was that I'd be in Australia!  An exciting venture to be sure when you're all of 15.

And so it was, 3 days after my birthday in 1991 that we set down in Woomera, the small little puddle jumper skidded to a halt, and our hosts/sponsors came to greet us.  I don't know what was more unsettling, the barren 1/2 click ride into town, or the barren hour and a half coming in over the desert outback.

I spent 2 wonderful years in Woomera, getting started as a DJ almost right away at 5RRR (Thanks Matt!), and spending most of my time there, including several ridiculously long on-air marathons (50.5 hours!) as "Insane".  I even
had a reprimand for playing Eddie Murphy comedy albums at 3 AM (Hey, it's pubic radio!).

Of course, I also spent a lot of time with me mates, yanks and locals, as well as courting the hearts of several young Woomerite ladies. (Amy, Lisa, Rebecca, Mary), and losing my heart to others (Tamra! Sophie!).  Some of you may even have vague recollections about the 3 o'clock Net Ball Court fight between Grant and myself (not much of one really, and, in fact, I'd love to share a pint with Grant if I ever see him again.)

I want to go on, really I do, but this might be enough to stir some memories.  If you were there between 1991-1993, please contact me.  I'm Mike Logan, my father was the Maint. Super out at the site, my mother a Youth Centre volunteer, and my sister and I -- just happy to have this totally unique experience.

Mike Logan
(Fri, 28 Jul 2000)


(Recently, I had quite a beguilling encounter with a young woman while DJing at the local Air Force club.  In her drunken state, she revealed that she had been a DJ for a radio station in Woomera.  Of course, I asked if it was 5RRR, and indeed it was!  However, much to my chagrin, and before we could take the conversation anywhere, her friend whisked her away, and I have not seen hide nor tail of her since.)

** Rigby, fantastic site you've got mate, keep up the good work! ** I plan to return to Woomera someday, via Walkabout through the great outback... **

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