I was pleasantly surprised when I ran into your web site. My dad was stationed there from 78-81. I was 8 to 11. I loved growing up there. I still hold a lot of fond memories of the town and my friends there.

Doug Watt
(Mon, June 12, 2000)


Wow, this site has brought back a lot of memories. I lived in Woomera from 1978-1991. Growing up there was certainly an experience. When my dad drove us up over the miles and miles of dirt pot-holed roads, I thought my world was ending. Little did I know it was just beginning. My dad (Bob Veale) worked out the site as a cook. I have  a brother Sean and a sister Jodie.

Memories of going to the Eldo discos, doing the "nutbush" dance, WAY after the song was considered history, (do they still do it there?),  the Fourth of July parades, and fireworks, cheerleading for centrals footy club, going "donga bashing", sneaking into the pool after hours, hey, come on... we all did it at least once right?!... I could go on, and on...reading the e-mails from some of my old friends was amazing.  I grew up with Tamara Griffiths, Debbie Dexter, Cathy Porter, Darlene Perry, Beth, Marian Holcroft, Stuart Wilson, Scott Kelly, Cully, Peter Barry-AKA Skeet (who passed away), and am still in contact with most of them.  I married an American and we are now happily living in the States. We have 4 boys, Tim who was born in Woomera, Tyler, Tanner and Tomas. I would love to hear from anyone who might remember us.

Craig and Kerry Johnson (nee-Veale)
(Fri, 9 Jun 2000)


Reading your web site bought back many memories.

I moved to Woomera with my parents in 1985 and left in December 1995. I finished my schooling at Woomera Area School and worked in the local Bank for over five years. As it was the only bank  in town we saw the majority of the town folk on a daily basis. Some of those names I recognise or know that have visited your site. I married an American and was pregnant when I left the country. We still keep in touch with a handful of people both in Australia and the States and we all agree Woomera will hold a special place in our hearts. We make a conscious effort to instill both American and Australian cultures in our children and look forward to helping them discover what Woomera is and was.

Thanks again

Mike and Lynell Hillhouse
Dallas, Texas
(Tue, 16 May 2000)


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