I just visited your site for the first time and boy did it bring back memories... My family was there from 1973 till 1975 and we all loved it.  I went to grades 4 to 6 at the Woomera Primary School and remember well the bag lunches in the laundry baskets and having some of our lessons over the radio.  I can remember spending time at the arboretum, we only lived a few streets away on Goornan.  Our neighbors were John and Joy Creeper and their brood and the Hooker's... I can remember Diane.

Would love to hear from some of my old friends... Karen Peterson, JoAnn Miller, Debbie Dexter, Neil Weatherill, Jimmy Rogers... those are the names I remember...

We had so much fun at the pool and the theater and the youth club...I remember all the James Bond films that played at the theatre... and a great girl guide trip to Alice Springs..and one to the "Hesso pumping station" where we were flooded out of our tents by the rain.

Thanks for letting me share my memories... My parents were Bob and Sandi Shaw... and then there was me (Bridget), Suzette, Frank, and Robin.

Oh, by the way ... do they still have Chicken flavored potato chips and that awful musk candy over there?

Bridget Shaw Avery


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