G'day ... great website, I was actually trying to find out some info through the Advertiser on Nurrungar's closing when I found it.

I moved to Woomera from Adelaide in July '82 and stayed until the end of '84.  I met and married my American husband there and after 3 years in the states, went back with the USAF from Oct '87 through to ANZAC Day '91.  Although I was born in Adelaide I still think of Woomera as home.  It's always the people that make a town and I am still in contact with many life long friends I first met there.  My daughter started school at the Area School and then transferred over to St. Jo's and although now 17 she still talks of Woomera with much affection.

We were involved with the Swim Club and the Village.  I'd love to get in contact with some of the folks we knew there, is there perhaps a way you can have a 'bulletin board' type page on the website for people looking for ex-Woomerities?  No problems to pass on my e-mail address.  My husband is now retired from the Air Force and we are presently in Alabama, USA.

Keep up the great work on the page,

Erica, Emma and Stan Replogle,
Alabama, U.S.A.

(Rigby - I can put requests on the Requests page).

Firstly, let me congratulate you on your efforts in creating a site on Woomera. I was surprised to come across it last night, purely by chance and delighted to be able to download a shot of one of the projects that I worked on, Black Knight. I thought you might be interested in my time there, being reasonably early in itís history and perhaps at a later date, some of the events that remain in my memory.

I first went to Woomera as a young Australian Army Radar Mechanic in 1956, posted as part of the Army Trials Team. At that time the Team was comprised of some forty odd soldiers of all ranks, from Artillery and RAEME. Artillery (about 30 persons)  had the responsibility of providing launcher teams for most of the firings and operators for the tracking radars. RAEME (about 15 persons) was responsible for providing maintenance to all the radars and
to other tracking antennas and telescopes. RAEME mechanics were also required to operate the equipment from time to time.

I also served some months as the Radar Navigation Aid in the Jindivik control centre, flying both Jindivik and Meteor aircraft and later, manning and servicing the remote Sound Ranging stations. During those early days, the main activities were involved with Skylark (upper atmosphere research), Sea Slug (ship to air) , Red Duster (ground to air) and Jindivik trials.

In 1959, I left the Army and returned to Woomera with Hawker Siddley as the Black Knight Guidance Radar Technician, where I took part in a number of trials by providing radar guidance for this beam riding vehicle. During slack periods in the Black Knight project, I acted as the Blue Streak (never to get off the ground) Recorder Officer, recording telemetry etc.

Bill Wilson,

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