The Woomera Oasis Centre which contains the Heritage Centre.

The Woomera Heritage Centre contains displays relating to the history of the Woomera rocket range and the now-closed Joint Defence Facility Nurrungar. This visitor centre is located in the Oasis Community Centre which was built as a recreation centre by the Americans a decade ago and has a cafeteria and a six-lane, ten pin bowling alley. It has recently been upgraded and re-opened in March 2005.
Model of the Black Arrow vehicle and launch tower.
The display areas of the Heritage Centre have a small admission charge. A shop stocks souvenirs and books related to Woomera, while there is a very good collection of reference material for free perusal.

The main display area contains models of the ELDO Launch Area 6A (below) and a model of the Black Arrow and launch facilities (at left). A model of the ELDO Launch Area 6A at Woomera.

Other displays cover the history of weapons testing, sounding rockets, astronomy projects, the Island Lagoon tracking station,  and optical tracking equipment.

In conjunction with the outdoor missile park, the history of Woomera's activities is well covered and is being improved as resources permit.

Some displays incorporate memories from this web site.

The Woomera Heritage Centre is open seven days a week. Tours of the Range can be arranged through the centre. Telephone: (08) 8673 7042; fax: (08) 8674 3270.
E-mail address: woomera.visitor@baea.com.au

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