The Gibber Gabber has been the Woomera community newspaper virtually since the earliest days of Woomera.  While this section of Woomera On The Web will not duplicate the newspaper, it will endeavour to bring summaries of items of interest about the Woomera Community thanks to the kind assistance of the Woomera Board. Items from earlier 2001 editions will also be added in the future.

Vol. 52, No. 42 - November  01, 2001

   Hyshot Fired At Woomera On Tuesday 30th October

On Tuesday Woomera witnessed the the launch of the biggest rocket since the NASA trials in 1995. A terrier Orion rocket carrying an experimental payload designed by the University of Queensland was launched at approximately 1:00 pm. The payload was to test a scramjet engine that has the capacity to revolutionize airline travel. While the launch appeared successful, details of the experiment are not known at this time. (See Range News.)

Vol. 52, No. 41 - October 26, 2001

   Defence To Stage World-First Rocket Launch At Woomera

The Australian Defence Force's Woomera Prohibited Area will be the staging ground this week for several significant test rocket launches set to revolutionize the launch of small space payloads.

On 25 October, RAAF Base Edinburgh's Aircraft Research and Development Unit (ARDU) will flight test the supersonic combustion process used in a scramjet at its instrumented range at Woomera, 450 km north-northwest of Adelaide. ARDU will conduct the trials for the University of Queensland, which is leading the international Hyshot project to flight test scramjet - an air-breathing supersonic combustion ramjet engine.

Centenary Of Federation Celebrations

The Centenary of Federation celebrations were a success and the trip to the Range to watch the rocket launches was enjoyed by our visitors and locals. Those who travelled on the train were from overseas, every state in Australia, dignitaries and Australia's own "Angry Anderson", and all were interested in Woomera, past and present.

Vol. 52, No. 40 - October 18, 2001

   BAE Systems Signs Woomera Contract

Last week was an exciting one for Woomera. On Tuesday the Area Administrator, Mr Bob McKenzie, and the Chief Executive Officer for BAE Systems in Australia, Mr Jim McDowell, signed the Woomera Commercial Support Contract (WCSC) at Breen Park.

The signing sees the commencement of a contract that will mean a ten-year association between the Department of Defence at Woomera and BAE Systems.

The Woomera Commercial Support contract will run for ten years and is for the provision of a range of services to the Woomera Village that are presently delivered through the Defence Support Centre Woomera (DSCW). The contract will be managed by a core team of DSCW staff headed by the Area Administrator, who will remain responsible for overall management of the Village and the Range.

Activities on the Range will not be affected by this contract, however it is hoped that BAE Systems will help attract more users to the Range. While the Range will remain a Defence asset, in line with directions from the defence Executive, it will be available for foreign defence and commercial uses.

A Letter To The Editor

Today is the last day of trading for the Woomera Coffee Lounge. It's sad to see the end of such a long running business. We were always aware that once the WCSC was signed things would change for us, the suddenness of it all was somewhat of a shock though.

We have fought through extremely hard times to continue to supply take-away food to the community and tourists. We have pushed ourselves to the limit and really need a break but we are still saddened by the demise of our business. We take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers, many of whom we class as friends. Thank you too to the tradesmen who over the years have kept a lot of antiquated equipment running for us.

To Joe Van Homelen our sincere thanks for your help, we didn't always agree but always managed to be professional in our dealings with each other.

Thank you one and all.
Susan & Sonia
Woomera Coffee Lounge

Vol. 52, No. 39 - October 11, 2001

   The Woomera Community Hospital Presents
The Woomera Cup Ball
3 November, 2001 - ELDO Hotel - 7.30pm.

Featuring the band No Big Deal.  Tickets are now available from the Woomera Hospital for $30 per person. Dress in your best. Get in early and book your table.  A complimentary glass of champagne and supper is provided. Buy some funny money and take a punt at the races.  Lucky door prizes. This is a fundraising event.

Woomera Federation Rocket Fair Schedule
23 October, 2001

As part of the Tracks to Federation Celebration, The Australian Space Research Institute (ASRI) will be conducting launches at Launch Area 9. Registration forms for visitors can be filled in at the registration desk at the ELDO Hotel on Tuesday, 23 October.  The bus to the launch area is at 10.40am and activities include lunch at Launch Area 9, a trip to Lake Hart, bus to O'Donahue Oval and various welcomes and celebrations.

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