Europa F-4 remains

The F-4 display at the Missile Park in the centre of Woomera Village.

ELDO - the European Launcher Development Organisation - was established to develop a satellite launch vehicle for Europe. Woomera, Australia, was chosen as the launch site for the test vehicles.

On 24 May, 1966, the Europa F-4 vehicle rose into the air from Launch Area 6a on the edge of Lake Hart near Woomera. Only the first stage was live with the French second stage, German third stage, and Italian satellite being dummies.  The flight was terminated after 136 seconds.

In 1994, volunteers retrieved components of the F-4 vehicle from the Simpson Desert in central Australia.  Some of the components on display at Woomera's Missile Park include a Rolls Royce engine (thrust chamber), a turbo thruster assembly, fuel/oxidant pipe assemblies and valves, various tanks and electronic modules. The dummy satellite was buried under 1.2 metres of sand.

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