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Date: June 28, 2004

Subject: Fond Memories

I found your site only last week and have spent hours reading other's memories and requests for information on people who lived there. I often think of my childhood in Woomera, one of the truely unique places on this earth. Thank you for making this opportunity available to so many like myself whose belief in themselves and others was founded in a place in the desert, a place where people from around the world came for a short or long stay and left their mark. Woomera stays with you, and each of us has left a little of ourselves in Woomera.

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, my parents, Jack and Edith or brother Brian. Dad worked at the Range(safetly officer?), Mum in the Coffee Lounge and the Airport Shop. I left in May 1976, and Brian a year or so later. Mum and Dad retired in about 1980 and Dad passed away in 1983. Mum is fit and well and now lives in Adelaide.

Thanks again
Cheers Julie
E-mail:   juliebarry@hotmail.com

Date: May 27, 2004

Subject: Woomera requests

I am trying to find a friend of my mother's. My mother's family were in Woomera for many years. I am looking for are the Webster family. They were there in the 50's their names were Harry and Margaret Webster. She believes Margaret's family came from Newcastle, NSW. My mother was Colleen Slavin and would really like to catch up with them. They would be in their late 70's. Anybody with any information can contact me.

E-mail:   ozzy@iprimus.com.au

Date: May 25, 2004

Subject: E-mail address??

Just a quick note, I was recently reading some of your latest letters on the Woomera web site, as I have a huge interest in the place having spent some 26 years of my life there I came across a letter from a "Chris Anderson"  who used to work at Nurrungar. I personally know Chris having worked with him and was wanting to re-establish contact with him, however whenever I send a message to andersoncr@iprimus.com.au  I keep getting a delivery failure so ........ Is this email address correct ???  

Thanks and keep up the fantastic work for the benefit of all those whom Woomera has  touched their lives

Pete Neale (known in Woomera as Blue(y)  Neale)
E-mail:   PNeale@hbf.com.au

Date: May 24, 2004

Subject: Woomera on theWeb

It is wonderful to see the number of familiar names cropping up on this web page! I lived in Woomera from 1978 to 1986 and have great memories of the town. Since my last posting my e-mail address has changed, I can now be contacted at the address below. Be great to hear from anyone who remembers me!
Peter Cooper
E-mail:   ppcooper@internode.on.net

Date: May 18, 2004

Subject: Home On The Range - Woomera Village as a Cold War Utopia

Dear Mark,

It certainly sounds from your web site that you have a fair amount of researchers contacting you to ask for help with gathering information. I am yet another one. 

My name is Andrea Williams and I am doing my Honours in archaeology at Flinders Univertisy, South Australia.  My thesis is entitled "Home On The Range: Woomera Village as a Cold War Utopia".  What I am essentially looking at is the nature of Woomera as an area of restricted access that had an unusual infra-structure for a small Australian town.  It is particullary important because of its nature as the material evidence of the Cold War in Australia. My focus is mainly on the Village and the ways that people lived, how people were effected by the unusual environment as well as living during the Cold War.

What I would like is to see if I could obtain from the Web site some help from people who worked at Woomera and people who lived in Woomera between its start and 1989. I would really appreciate any information they could give me and I am interested in getting them to fill out a questionnaire, or even to record longer interviews, that would give me more first hand information about how people lived and what life was like.

Please feel free to post my email address, and hopefully I can proceed from there.

Thanks heaps for keeping up this web site! It's one of the best resources around for finding out first hand information about Woomera.

Andrea WIlliams
E-mail:   Will0688@Flinders.edu.au

Date: April 26, 2004

Subject: Woomera 1961 to 1963

Just discovered the web site, which is bringing back memories. 

I arrived in Woomera in May 1961 as part of the 15 Joint Service Trials Unit - do I remember the tin shacks at Woomera West! I was in the RAF.  We were evaluating the Bloodhound. I was the unit's clerk - like Radar from MASH. 

Lots of memories - all good ones.  If any of the 15 JSTU guys see this, give me a shout.

I returned to the UK at the end of 1963 and keep promising to return to Australia some day. I live in Carlisle, not far from Spadeadam.

K. Adams
E-mail:   KAdams8737@aol.com

Date: February 9, 2004

Subject:  Danny Watt in Woomera 78-81

Date: March 16, 2003

Subject: Danny Watt in Woomera 78-81

I submitted a request earlier (March 16, 2003), but I have changed my email address since then. I am still looking for some one who was in school with me. I was in 7th 8th and 9th  grade during the time I was in Woomera. Please see my original request .

Danny Watt
Salt Lake City, Utah

E-mail:    watt@aros.net

Date: January 25, 2004

Subject: Woomera Requests

Dear Mark
Found your web site  in the Net Guide.  Had never ever thought to browse and look for something that was part of my child hood - Woomera.  I started browsing and actually got goose-bumps.  All memories came flooding back.

I was 5 when we moved to Woomera from Mt Gambier and started school at the infant school.  Apparently the Area school was full so several grades went to the Branch School.  I think it was a women's hostel originally.  My Father John was a cook at Eldo and my Mother Chris worked in the coffee lounge. I have a brother John who is 2 years older than me.  We first lived in flats and then moved to a house in Carcoola St.  We were in Woomera from 1964 till 1968.  Would love to hear from anyone who lived there in that time frame as I would eventually like to construct "My Life Story" for my children and hopefully grand  children.

Thank you
Carol Jackson (nee Makai)
E-mail:   sonofjak@penalvafast.net

Date: January 23, 2004

Subject: Woomera Site

I lived in Woomera from 1979 to 1982, later I'll send in a 'memories' bit, but right now I'm pressed for time and just wanted to contact you.  My mother, Carron
Moneyhan, was good friends with a Joanne Rigby who lived there during that time.  Do you happen to know her?  Her husband is Jim, has a son James Jr. (who
dated a friend of mine by the name of Tessa), and a daughter Amelia.  There are other children but at present I don't remember their names.  My mom would
very much like to get in contact with Joanne, if possible.  If you know them, please contact me at: seaclaid@yahoo.com.

Thank you so much!  The site is wonderful to see and dug up many old and cherished memories.

Rosemary Nelson (was known as Mary Moneyhan at the time)

E-mail:   seaclaid@yahoo.com

Date: January 16, 2004

Subject: Woomera Request

Firstly, what a great website.  What memories. Secondly, I used to visit Woomera on a semi-regular basis in the mid-1980's as both a part of the ARA, and also to visit my friend Sheryl Hartley who was a cook at the ELDO.  If anyone knows of her whereabouts (she is originally from Port Lincoln), it would be great to hear from her. 

I also met an American lad there, Randy Raha.  He was a motor mechanic there and his father was Major Jim Raha of the USAF.  It'd be great to touch base with him.  I suspect he still lives in Australia somewhere because I believe his sister settled in SA's Riverland region.
Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
Leanne Lemieux (nee Ronan)

E-mail:   lemieux@chariot.net.au

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