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Date: March 18, 2003

Subject: Request for Information - Corney (Woomera)

This is a request for my friend, Don Allcroft (born Trevor Corney), whose natural father worked at Woomera after the war and later died in Adelaide. I am hoping to contact people who knew him and his Australian family.

His name was Bob (Robert) Corney; he married an Australian woman called Phil and they had a daughter called Loretta, whom we would love to contact. Bob was a truck driver, as far as we know. He had a beautiful singing voice and played the guitar.  Any information, memories and photos would be so appreciated.  As far as we know, Bob did not know of Trevor's
existence, and so Loretta would not know that she has a brother living in Australia.

Thank you for providing this terrific website;  it is a real service.

Best wishes,
Cassandra Perry

E-mail:    ellen@deakin.edu.au

Date: March 16, 2003

Subject: Dan Watt in Woomera 78-81

I really enjoyed my time in Woomera. I don't miss the uncountable flies on your back or the hot summers, but I remember playing lots of sports and an enjoyable school experience. I knew Simon Goodlace, Brian Skinner, Jason Dangerfield, June
Cockburn, Sandy Gregory, Karla Puariee, Robert Steward, Gavin Rose, Simon Brown, Matt Buharp, Tracy Apedalle, and Jenny Oppermann just to name a few.

While I was in school, my instructors were: Mr B. Hughes, Mr J. Dawson, Mr D. Lever, Miss P. Edwards, Mr J. Lunney, Mr  P. Ellemor, Mr R. Haskard, Mr C. Peters.

I remember the most about Mr Hughes and his knuckle whacking exercises. I had a brother and sister in school with me in Woomera (Pam Watt and Doug Watt) I would love to say hi to anyone mentioned on this list, or anyone who knew someone on this list.  I also remember the notorious road to Pt Augusta. My family and I went to Adelaide occasionally, and that road was always closed due to flooding after a rain storm. I am currently living in Salt Lake, Utah, USA. I have a family of five and work as an electrical engineer.

Danny Watt
Salt Lake City, Utah

E-mail:    WATT007@msn.com

Date: March 15, 2003

Subject: Woomera requests

I am researching for Film Australia  (Australian Government Documentary  Films)  - a documentary film series involving some sequences  of Woomera. The film footage has been found. It's all colour footage of Woomera in the 50s and 60s. Now I am assisting the search for voices...from the time.

Some of our footage shows Santa Claus arriving (50s-60s); some shows women working in what look like weapons testing labs ... some show social life and various environment scenes...

Do you have or know of any diaries/letters/school essays/unpublished or not/ local newspaper stories of anything to do with Woomera in the late 40s /50s /60s; but especially any text that relates to the scenes described above; also any writing (particularly by children, women, families) about living and working in Woomera; also specifically any writings that may refer to the  'wonders' of the Atomic age and the ideas at that time of what it heralded.

We are  especially looking for personal, individual accounts, preferably written at the time, rather than looking back with recollection. School essays, poems, articles for the local paper, diaries ... anything like that!!!!

I would be most grateful if you could assist. Some of you may be in touch with original teacher or a librarian from the public library from Woomera; perhaps they might have kept some children's essays or know if they are published in school magazines etc?

I am personally interested in any comments or thought about the indigenous people of the area: whether there was any contact or awareness of them; or had they basically left the area?

All the best and thanks for the site. Very helpful.

Jeni Thornley

E-mail:    anandi@nectar.com.au
Web site:    www.nectar.com.au/anandi/

Date: February 12, 2003

Subject: Looking for PUDS

I am looking for Paul Shepherdson who placed an E-mail on your page, but the e-mail address will not work. If any one can help please do.

Matoga, Curt SGT

E-mail:    curt.matoga@defence.gov.au  (or ring 85392500)

Date: February 03, 2003

Subject: Fireflash

Hello, what an interesting site.

I was at Salisbury and Woomera in the early days from 1955 to 1957 with the Fairey Team on the Fireflash project. 6 JSTU were there too.

Though we do not have any reunions, I would be interested in hearing from any remaining "pioneers"! I am in contact with a few. Anybody remember us?

Peter Roberts

E-mail:    parpar@lineone.net

Date: January 28, 2003

Subject: Thank you

Thank you to sharp-eyed friends. As a result of the notice in the requests, I have found Hans Preiss, however my brothers & sisters would like to catch up with any old friends who remember them.

The McGowan tribe consisted of Lachlan, Margaret, Michael, Robert, Christopher, Roseanne & Andrew. I have had a change of net address and it is now - lachlan22@optusnet.com.au - and can supply net addresses for any of the family should you wish to contact us.

Cheers and thanks,
Lachlan McGowan

E-mail:    lachlan22@optusnet.com.au

Date: January 20, 2003

Subject: 17 years spent in a wonderful place

Hi there - my name is Karen Gebert (nee Stewart) - my family lived in Woomera from 1952 until 1970. I have a brother Garry and a sister Wendy. Our father died up there in 1964.

I married and moved back there with my husband Ross who worked at Tech Area and Range 'E'. We lived there for two years, and our elder daughter Carly was born there. We left for Adelaide in 1974. Lived there for eight years then overseas for six, then Adelaide again for nine. We now reside in the Northern Territory. Girls Carly and Erin are living in Brisbane.

My memories are of the most fantastic childhood, good schooling and fabulous friends made that sadly mostly I have lost contact with.

Just thought I'd drop a quick line and say that the site is excellent and I haven't yet checked all of it out. Don't know if anyone we know  will read this, but feel  free to reply.

Karen & Ross Gebert

E-mail:    r.k.gebert@austarnet.com.au

Date: January 20, 2003

Subject: Higgins

I wonder if you could help me, I am trying to trace two of my dad's cousins who emigrated to Woomera Rocket Range about 50 years ago. They are originally from Balby, Doncaster. Their names are Alan & Arthur Higgins.

Could you give me any tips or websites that might help me to find them?

Thanks a lot,
Janet Divers

E-mail:    teljan2000@yahoo.com

Date: January 16, 2003

Subject: Woomera military transport


Looking for any information on military transport and vehicles, military units, and looking for Spud Murphy ex 3RAR who ran the roadhouse and was involved in transport.

Thank you
Trevor Brown

E-mail:    trevload@esc.net.au

Date: January 09, 2003

Subject: Jean - of The Woomera Trap and A Woomera Storm

Dear Mark,

I am sorry to have to tell you that Jean died in an intensive care unit of Mater Private on Jan 3, following a cardiac arrest on Christmas Eve.

She was so grateful to you for publishing details of her books on your Woomera website, which has led to many new fields of activity and interest. The main one was a sudden e-mail from Steve Thomas, a documentary film director and producer in
Melbourne who bought her first book and contacted her with the idea of combining a book launch in Woomera with a documentary film he intends making about Woomera later this year. We were planning to make the trip.

She had rented two houses for Christmas week on Stradbroke Island for the families of our children, David and Carol. The first half had been wonderful but Christmas Eve led to her evacuation by ferry ambulance, because helicopters had been grounded by an electrical storm.

She recovered consciousness on Jan1 after removal of the ventilator tube and on Thursday 2nd was in a recliner, smiling communicating to us all and looking like recovering. However, the same night she began to sink and was dead at 1.30 pm on
Friday last. She was cremated on Jan 7 at Mt Thompson Crematorium.

I know she would have insisted on me telling you she hadn't meant to do this sort of thing - it wasn't in her nature.

Best wishes for you and your great website in 2003


E-mail:    oplwitch@powerup.com.au

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