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Launcher 6a

Woomera's main launch site in the 1960s showing a fully-assembled Europa launch vehicle.
(Photographed from a helicopter at an altitude of about 90 metres by Max Ryan,
then Officer in Charge of the Still Photography Section, DSTO Salisbury.
Max says that the photograph was widely published around the world.)

Woomera On the Web was prompted by a desire to increase awareness of Australia's activities in rocket and missile testing at the Woomera Range during the 1950's, 60's and, to a lesser extent, beyond that - an important part of Australia's history and international relations. The web site became active in April 1997 - 50 years after the Long Range Weapons Establishment (Woomera rocket range) came into existence as a Joint Project between Britain and Australia.

Although I never worked at Woomera, my interest was encouraged by Area Administrators in the 1960s who were ever helpful with materials at that time, some of which form the basis of this web site. Many readers have added their recollections to the site. Indeed, the Memories and Requests sections for ex-Woomera residents have evolved into the most important and interesting parts of the web site. Although not the original intention, I hope to one day publish much of the material in printed form for a future Woomera anniversary. In the meantime, preservation of the electronic material for future generations has been assured by the National Library of Australia.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to Woomera on the Web and that it brings back memories for those who lived and worked there, as well as those born in the Village.  The memories reveal an obvious spirit shared by "Woomerites" and it is satisfaction enough that many people have been reunited thanks to the site. For others, I hope it unveils a proud heritage, whatever the future for Woomera which was, without doubt, a unique community.

Mark T. Rigby


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