Fasten your seat belts to come on this flight with me to some of the most beautiful countries in the world.

My very first adventure into the big wide world, began when I was seventeen, I left New Zealand to come to Australia on a working holiday for six months, I worked at Mount Buffalo Chalet (a ski resort), in Victoria, after spending a season there, I then decided to see a little of Australia before returning back to my home land, New Zealand. My travels in Australia took me to many parts of Victoria and New South Wales, once I had travelled around parts of New South Wales, it was not long before I ventured to Sydney and once again found myself working, this time for a rather large Insurance Company in central Sydney. Australia is a fantastic country, I thoughly enjoyed my working holiday, even though I only travelled and worked in two different states, I found them to be very big and exciting, I left with many happy memories.

Central Sydney - Australia - Mount Buffalo Chalet

In 1987 my Son Matthew and I spent the most wonderful two weeks visiting Singapore, we made sure we saw everything there was too possibly see and shopped until we dropped! The beauty of Singapore is breath taking, the people living their are just so friendly and we found they were always willing to offer help if needed. We also took a day trip over to Malaysia to Johor Baharu, which we found to be really interesting, we took a guided bus tour, so we did not miss very much and only wished that we could have stayed longer, but unfortunately time would not allow us.

Central Singapore

Well 1987 ended up to be a big year for my whole family and me, as we made the decision to emigrate; so we packed all our belongings and left the shores of New Zealand to come to live in Brisbane, Australia; we have been here nearly Thirteen years now. To find out more on Australia and New Zealand, just click onto 'LINKS TO MY OTHER PAGES', which you will find at the bottom of this page.

Mount Cook - New Zealand

In 1991 my Husband Nick and I took a week to go and experience the beauty and the many wonders of Hawaii. What a glorious place we found that to be, beautiful beaches, with great night life, the shopping fantastic and the people just so friendly; we found ourselves wishing so very much that we could stay longer. Being in Waikiki or anywhere in Hawaii was like a dream to us both.

Waikiki - Hawaii

Off Nick and I went again, in 1996, but this time it was an extra special trip, seven weeks in total. The main goal for this was to visit Nick's family and friends in England. We started our journey with first landing in Los Angeles, where we visited Disneyland, I managed to get a hug from 'Winnie the Pooh' and many autographs of the famous Walt Disney characters. We also took a guided bus tour to Universal Studios and Hollywood, even got to see some of the homes of the famous stars in Beverly Hills. As for Universal Studios what a wonderful experience that was, something we will never forget, we seen movies been made, went on adventure rides, seen some of the movie stars (look-a-likes), Alfred Hitchcock, Marilyn Munro and Charlie Chaplin just to name a few.

Entrance to Disneyland - Los Angeles - Universal Studios (Stunt Show)

After doing all those exciting things we flew to England, where we stayed with many of Nick's wonderful family and friends. While there we visited the most charming places. London, where Nick's Brother and family live; Torquay Devon, where Nick's Parents live and Cornwall, where all Nick's friends live (Nick came from Newquay in Cornwall). While in London we visited Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street, Carnaby Street, Oxford Street, Marble Arch, Knightsbridge, The Houses of Parliament, Whitehall, Westminster Abbey, St. Pauls Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Tower of London (we got to see the crown jewels), Haymarket, St. James Palace, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and even went shopping in Harrods. While staying with Nick's Parents in Torquay, we visited many beautiful places in Devon, such as Buckfast Abbey, Brixham, Dartington, Paignton, Clovelley, Dartmoor, Cockington, Exeter and Plymouth. On our journey to Nick's friends in Cornwall we visited Saltash, Tideford, Looe, Polperro, Tintagel, Falmouth, Porthleven, St. Michaels Mount, Penzance, Lands End, Padstow, Bodmin Moor and of course Newquay (even Nick's old school there).

Newquay - England

We travelled then to Scotland (where my ancestors once lived, which was the far eastern part of the borders area of Scotland), to find out more on my ancestors, just click onto 'LINKS TO MY OTHER PAGES' which you will find at the bottom of this page and visit my 'Clan Home/Hume' page. While in Scotland we stayed in Edinburgh, went shopping in Jenners (which is rather like Harrods in London) visited Edinburgh Castle and from there we stayed in Dundee, it is rather a large city, not at much action as Edinburgh of course, but very pretty, situated beside the Tay River. Scotland to me was almost like I had returned home, I found it to be very overwhelming. On our way back to England, we stopped briefly in Glasgow and then travelled to Gretna Green.

Edinburgh Castle - Scotland - Loch Ness

After returning back to England we went on the most fantastic experience, we crossed the English Channel on the Eurostar (which travels at 320 kilometers per hour), and visited Paris, France. While staying in Paris we saw many famous land marks, including the Arc de Triomphe and the Effil Tower, it was magical. The shopping was out of this world, the Paris Cafes' were just so inviting and local people were truly wonderful, to visit Paris was like being in dreamland.

Eiffel Tower - Paris

Then came time to return back to England and say our good-byes to all Nick's family and friends, that part was so very hard and sad, but we are planning another trip back there again in the near future. We had the most fantastic holiday, England is a very beautiful country.

Sherwood Forest Nottingham - England - Merlin's Cave Tintagel

On our way back to Australia we experienced a some of South Africa, we stayed in Johannesburg, where we managed to see alot of the sights, it is a very large city, which stretches for miles. While in South Africa we also visited Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, we got to see some of the wildlife in the Pretoria Zoo (The Big Five there are called), unfortunately we did not have time for a Safari Tour, so the visit to the Zoo was well worth it. Alot of the Pretoria streets have the most beautiful Jacaranda trees, which you can see in the photo below.

Johannesburg - South Africa - Pretoria

To all of you who have visited this page, thank-you for coming on this flight with me, to all of these beautiful countries. There are so many more countries in this wonderful world that I plan on visiting one day soon.

Flags of the countries I have visited

Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, USA, UK, France and South Africa

Temperatures from the four corners of the world

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