This page is in the loving memory of my dear parents. My Father Charles William, who passed away on June 10, 1967 and my Mother Emily Dorothy, who passed away on October 20, 1986. The photo above was taken just a few years before my Father died.

My parents were very much loved by all their children (I was the baby of the family), also their Great Grandchildren and Great, Great Grandchildren.

My Father was a Market Gardener, my Mother shared his passion for gardening, we never seemed to have very much in the way of lawn, because it was always being dug up for new gardens.

Both my Father and Mother shared a great passion for fishing (I would tag along also on many of their fishing ventures), Salmon, Trout and Whitebait were often the catch of the day.

My Mother was a Dress Maker, also had a great talent for many different crafts, the whole family were always having special things made for them, these became treasures to us all.

The first poem below was written by my daughter Lisa, for her Nana.


A dream so pure natural and free,

I wished for you that you could see.

You left so quick when I was young,

I knew you had gone with so much undone.

I miss you my guider, my Mother does too,

all I wish for is again to see you.

After you died I lost my soul,

I looked for peace and found nothing at all.

I know you can see me but I can't see you,

and I know that you love me and I love you too.

So here is my wish and you may ask why?

it's because I miss you and my memories are dry.

I wish that I could see you just one last time,

until I can be with you for love to combine.

I know you watch my Mother and give her alot of love,

So when she passes and I'm in pain,

please guide her to God above.

And then as time goes on and passes away for me,

I wish for my Daughter to lay my ashes

and lay them in the sea.

To have my spirit swim free with the fish,

and to see my loved ones again is all that I wish.

So dear God, look after my family and friends

mainly my Nana with you,

and if one day the star reaches your heart

please grant my wish and make it true.

Author : Lisa Marie


Looking back through the years,

Remembering times that are so dear...

Though they are gone now and in the past...

The memories in my mind will always last...

Of a time I was but a little girl,

Who thought my Dad was my world...

When I needed you Dad, you were always there...

Now you're gone and it doesn't seem fair...

Though it's been many years since you died,

I will feel the pain from deep inside.

Oh Dad, I still miss you so,

and I just don't understand why you had to go...

And though I told you in the end,

And made sure you knew,

That I always loved you Dad, and I still do...

I know now I didn't say or show it near enough,

I was too busy with a life of my own and stuff...

Things that weren't as important I can now see,

Oh Dad, how I wish I had done things differently...

I wish I had done things I didn't do,

And I wish I hadn't done a few things I did do too...

But I can't go back in time to the start,

Though I wish I could with all my heart...

If I knew then what I know right now,

So many things would be different somehow...

You meant so much more to me than I let show,

I should have spent more time letting you know...

You taught me so much about what a parent should be,

And I always knew how much you loved me...

And though you are in heaven Dad and

not on this world,

In my heart I will always be Dad's little girl...

Author Unknown

The pansies on this page were especially chosen in the loving memory of my Mother to her they were not just pansies, they were 'HAPPY FACES'.

The background music for this page was especially chosen in the loving memory of my Father, 'Amazing Grace' was one of his favourite hymns.

I love you both and miss you so very much.