Hugs Are Free

There is no such thing as a bad hug; there are only good hugs and great hugs. Hug someone at least once a day and twice on a rainy day. Hug with a smile; closed eyes are optional. A snuggle is a longish hug. Bedtime hugs help chase away bad dreams. Never hug tomorrow someone you could hug today. You cannot give a hug - without getting one.


It's wonderous what a hug can do,

A hug can cheer you when you're blue.

A hug can say..."I love you so",

or "Gee! I hate to see you go."

A hug is "Welcome back again!"

And "Great to see you!"

Or "Where've you been?"

A hug can soothe a child's pain

And bring a rainbow after rain.

A hug! There's just no doubt about it,

We scarcely could survive without it,

A hug delights and warms and charms,

It must be why God gave us arms...

Hugs are great for fathers and mothers,

Sweet for sisters, swell for brothers.

And chances are some favourite aunts

Love them more than potted plants.

Kittens crave them. Puppies love them.

Heads of state are not above them.

A hug can break the language barrier,

And make the dullest day seem brighter...

No need to fret about the store of 'em.

The more you give,

The more there are of 'em.

So stretch those arms without delay


~ Author Unknown ~


There's something in a simple hug

That always warms the heart;

It welcomes us back home

And makes it easier to part.

A hugs the way to share the joy

And sad times we go through,

Or just a way for friends to say

They like you 'cuz you're you.

Hugs are meant for anyone

For whom we really care -

From your grandma to your neighbour,

Or a cuddly teddy bear.

A hug is an amazing thing -

It's just the perfect way

To show the love we're feeling

But can't find the words to say.

It's funny how a little hug

Makes everyone feel good;

In every place and language,

It's always understood.

And hugs don't need equipment,

Special batteries, or parts -

Just open up you arms

And open up your hearts.

~ Author: Jill Wolf ~