The names Home and Hume are of the same enormously powerful borders family. Descendents of the Saxon Princes of Northumberland through Cospatick, Earl of Dunbar. Sir Alexander Home of Dunglass was captured at the Battle of Homildon in 1402. He later followed the Earl of Douglas to France, where he was killed in battle in 1424. He left three sons, from whom most of the principal branches of the family were to descend. His eldest grandson was created a Lord of Parliment, taking the the title 'Lord Home' in 1473. The Family came to public prominence in the twentieth century, when the fourteenth Earl desclaimed his hereditary peerage to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom as Sir Alec Douglas Home. The title is only disclaimed for his lifetime and may be revived by his heirs. His brother, William Douglas Home, is a distinguished author and play-wright. The family seat is the splendid border estate of the Hirsel, from which the former Prime Minister named the life peerage bestowed upon him for service to the nation, as Lord Home of the Hirsel.

There is land owned by the Clan Home/Hume in the far eastern part of the borders area of Scotland. It includes the towns of Dunbar in the north as well as Wedderburn and Duns centrally and Coldstream in the south. On the land there is the remains of Castles, one of them being the Home Castle, which is situated in the west of the Clan Home land, it is a large square fort with high simple walls. It sits on the top of a small hill and dominates the landscape for miles in all directions.

The Home/Hume Castle can be viewed below

This links to a reconstruction painting of the Home/Hume castle and history

A map of the Clan Home/Hume land can be seen below

The tartan of the Clan is very beautiful, we actually have two, the first being the ancient tartan, worn several centuries back; the second being the modern day tartan, which is slightly darker in colour. A Sample of the modern day tartan can be seen below. The Crest of the Clan, which is at the top of the screen, depicts a lion's head, surrounded by the Motto:-

'A Home, A Home, A Home'.

I am very proud to be a member of The Home Family. To this date I have been able to trace my family tree back to my Great, Great Grandparent's, James Home, he married Helen Tocher, their child Robert Home, was born in Rayne, Aberdeen, Scotland, birth date July 24, 1833, year of death 1929. Robert married Catherine Grimmer Robertson, year of birth 1831, year of death 1912. Things got hard in 1862, so Robert came to Dunedin, New Zealand, in a ship named 'Plaada'. He moved up to Central Otago where he owned a store at Gabriels Gully in the gold rush. Legend has it that he made a small fortune and owned land in George Street, Dunedin. He then moved to Timaru about 1880. He married Catherine Robertson, at the Knox Church, Dunedin in 1866; she was from upper class society and had come out from Dundee, Scotland, with her Parents. Robert and Catherine had seven son's, Islay, William Earl, Charles, James, Walter, Robert Stuart and Jack. My Grandfather was son William Earl, he married Flora Madeline Rayner in Timaru New Zealand; unfortunately I never got to meeting my Grandparent's, they both passed away before I was born. My Father was Charles William Grimmond, my Father was the eldest of his family, with two Brother's, Ken and Jack, also two Sister's Myra and Linda; all of whom lived in Timaru New Zealand. My Father married Emily Dorothy Sime (my Mother) in the Knox Presbyterian Church in Masterton New Zealand.

Above is the Arms of The Earl of Home

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