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ALEX - 368156 ~~ LISA - 103780 ~~ ED - 466220

The Cherished Teddies Collection began in 1992 and are the loving creations of, the artist Priscilla Hillman, who has taken the time to create the most wonderful adorable teddy bears, each with a personality of their own. These teddy bears have won the hearts of so many people worldwide, over the past few years.

SALLY AND SKIP - 510955F ~~ WINFIELD - 4663281

People enjoy collecting these teddies, because they just love bears or find their take-me-home expressions irresistible. People are attracted to the names each figurine is given; todate I have several of the teddy bears, bearing names of members of my family, plus several others. Their adorable messages of love and friendship make them even more special. Cherished Teddies make the most wonderful gifts for people of all ages. When you are in Brisbane, you can't go past "GIFTWRAPPED PRESENTS', my favourite Cherished Teddies Shop's, one is in Indooroopilly Shopping Town and another at Loganholme Hyperdome.

1998 SANTA - 352713 ~~ PAUL - 466328I ~~ 1999 SANFORD - 534242

The Cherished Teddies Collection includes, the most beautiful figurines, plates, bookends, picture frames, mugs, ornaments and music boxes. Each and every year Priscilla Hillman manages to give us the opportunity to purchase more of her new creations, all in the finest details, from their tattered paw pads to their tiny black eyes, each is carefully crafted of cold cast resin and hand-painted with an oil-based lacquer paint. Each packed in it's own specially designed box, with adoption certificate and registration card inside.

LANCE - 337463 ~~ MATT AND VICKI - 476781

If you become a Cherished Teddies Membear and join the club, you receive a joining figurine (The Symbol of Membearship) and the opportunity to purchase exclusive membears figurines; each year when you renew your Membearship you will receive the Membearship piece for that year.


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