NOTICE - This web page is not affiliated with Avon Products Trade Mark. The purpose of this page is only to provide some information to people interested in Avon Products.

I was an Independent Sales Representative for Avon Products, I enjoyed eight years in Australia and two years in New Zealand of selling.

Avon have a very wide range of products, at affordable prices. There is a huge variety of products for skin care, sun care and personal care. The make-up range is very extensive. The fragrance range for both Women and Men is exceptional to say the least. Avon also sell jewellery, clothing, childrens toys, plus much more, the range of products is never ending and is being added to all the time.

Separate to the normal three weekly brochures, which are always loaded with bargains, Avon have another brochure 'Well Being' (incorporating Home Inspirations), this covers a variety of wonderful items for your home and of course would make the most fantastic gifts for wedding presents or that special occasion; available also in the 'Well Being' brochure are Vitadvance formulas developed exclusively for Avon by Roche, plus many other products for a much healthier lifestyle.

Normally three times a year Avon will put out a Warehouse Clearance Sale Brochure, this really is something not to be missed, as these brochures are always packed with items heavily reduced in price.

Avon really excel themselves at Christmas and certainly help to make that Christmas stocking full of the most wonderful surprises. Avon also do their extreme best on both Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

All products are covered by the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which is:- "If you're not happy, Avon will give a full refund or exchange". Avon Australia has never tested any products or ingredients on animals.

I hope this information has been of use to anyone interested in Avon Products.