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A Ace Piper
  The Adventures of Chifley
  The Adventures of Joe Johnson
Archive - Andrew Douglas and Aaron Hobson - QLD
  Anton Graphics - Comics
Completed Stories - Anton Emdin - NSW
  Apocrypha - The Chronicles of the Fall.
Active - Susannah Farrow & Dale Trott.
  Aurora Cab
Active - Oliver Simons
  Australian Gamer
  The Avatar
Active - James Firkins
B Baika Liska
Active - "Areku Demon" - QLD
  The Ballad Maker
Archive - Noelle Dreves - QLD
  Basic Wage Kids
Archive - Owen Heitmann - SA
Bigger Than Cheeses
Active - Des Seah - WA
Billy the Demon Slayer - Free Reign
Active - Hayden Fryer and Various Artists
Billy the Demon Slayer
Completed Stories - Hayden Fryer
Blue Story Comics
Active - David Craft - WA
Blip and Radar
Active - Blake Gallagher
The Bizarre Life of Charlie Red Eye
Active - Edward J. Grug and Matther Langfield - WA
Completed Stories - Rachel Astruc and various artists - ACT
Archive - Steve Stam - QLD
Block Six
Archive - Queenie Chan - NSW
Byte Me
Active - Mick
C Cheesebandits
Archive - SA
Active - Bev - TAS
Completed Stories - Michael Connolly
Cosmic Corsairs
Complete story
D The Dark Nebula
Dan and Pete
David Follett's Comics
Active - Dave Follett
Death and Stacey
Archive - Lee Hinkley
Doc Rat
Active - Jenner
Dragon Tails
Active - Tim Dawson - SA
Dudley Simmons Dreamer
Complete - Mike Delight
F Foxfire
Active - Luke Turner
G Gaboury Island
Active - Edward J Grug - WA
Gang of Awesomes
Active - Josh Niczynski - SA
Geek Salad
Archive - Warick Rendell

H Hairbutt the Hippo
Complete stories - Jason Paulos - NSW
  Heroic Heroes
Active - Will Kelly - QLD
  Holy Cow Christian Comics
Lots of complete stories - Dean Rankine - VIC
I Inverloch
  Irregular Webcomic
Active - David Morgan Mar - NSW
J Jamie and Nick
Archive - James Anderson and Nicholas Lovett
  Jessica Monster
Active - Jessica McLeod - WA
  Jim Shorts
Active - Jimi Reilly - SA
  John Law
Active - Gary Chaloner - WA
K Katie Galaxy
Archive - Maggie McFee - Expat
  Kitty Kazawa Freelance Exorcist
Archive - Steve Stam - QLD
L Laura Seabrook's Comics
Active - Laura Seabrook - NSW
  Life in Heck
Active - VIC
  Lovarian Adventures
Active - Geejay Fua - VIC
  Loxie and Zoot
Active - Stephan Crowley - NSW
Active - Carlos G
M Magellan
Active - Stephen Crowley - NSW
  Make with the Funny
Active - Paul Spencer - WA
The Mary Comic
Active - Jing and Evil Dan - SA
Maxwell the Demon
Active - Tonia Walden - QLD
  Mike Delight's Journal Comics
Active - Mike Delight - VIC
  Mixed Nuts
Active - Ben Hall and Peter Coleman - WA
Active - Jacean Carpenter - QLD
Active - Andrew Carpenter
  My Zany Adventure
Active - Peter Sanderson - QLD
N Nimbin Comics
Active - Daniel Elliott - NSW
O One More Monkey
Archive - Amanda Crichton - NSW
P The Pantheon
Archive - Merryn Brand - NSW
  The Plastic Age
Active - Rhys McDonald - NSW
  Platinum Grit
Active - Trudy Cooper, Doug Bayne, Danny Murphy - NSW-
  Playing Rockstars
Archive - Dani Curie - WA
Active - Connell Woods - SA
  Pinky TA/Pink Skin
Active - Micheal Morris - WA
  Private Eye Butterfly
Active - Richard Stevens
R Rat Race Comics
Completed stories - Jason Paulos - NSW
  Recombinant Records
Active - Stuart McMillan - QLD
S Sawbones
Active - Jen Breach and Trevor Wood - VIC
  Screwball Islands
Archive - Andrew Bradley - ACT
  The Seven Swords
Active - Scott Beattie - VIC
Active - Jonathan Wilson - QLD
Archive - Ben Hubbard - VIC
  School Spirit
Active - Daniel Vander Werff - VIC
  Stark Reality
  Stikman Comics
Completed Stories - Matt Huynh - NSW
  Strange Dreams
Active - Dave Cunning and Liz Argall
T Terinu
Active - Peta Hewitt - VIC
  Todd and Stu's Contractually Obliged
Active - Ryan Wilton and Daniel Lawson
  Tomorrow, Yesterday
Active - Michael Li - QLD
V Vacant and Engaged
Active - Noah Conners and Kyle Gleeson - SA
Active - Josh - QLD
  The Void
W What I Did on my Holidays
  Worlds Away
Archive - David Kerr - Expat
Z Zeera the Space Pirate
Active - Naomi Hatchman
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