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VikodinVikodin (a penguin), decides he needs change of scenery. He and his brother decide to embark on a journey to find a warmer climate. Mixed media (coloured pencil), with occasional attempts at digital colour. Completely clean - "G" rated. Updates twice a week.

About the Author
18 years old, living just outside Brisbane, Qld, goes by the name Josh.

Vikodin Website |

Vacant and Engaged

Vacant and Engaged

Vacant and EngagedOur comic is about two young gents, Noah and Kyle, living in an apartment and all the mad capped things that happen to them. Pretty basic but very funny...well we think so!

About the Authors
Noah Conners - Artist/Writer, accomplished actor, artist and so forth. Slightly more nutty than his counterpart.

Kyle Gleeson - Writer/Administrator, great musician, writer and such. Long suffering flatmate of Noah

Vacant and Engaged Website

Worlds Away

Worlds Away David Kerr's long running manga series is no longer updating but there is a lot to read in the archives.

Worlds Away Website |



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