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The Plastic Age

The Platic Age

The Plastic Age The-Plastic-Age, Newcastle's Premier webcomic kicked off 2007 with a bang, a fully redesigned website, full online store and so many other features it'll make your eyeballs pop! the-plastic-age is a webcomic about life, geek humor, comic books, pop culture and very occasionally it's creator Gendo uses it as a personal opus for more personal comics....but usually there's a joke about boobies instead.

About the Creator
Rhys McDonald is the creator of The Plastic Age, Newcastle Premier Webcomic, beginning in 2005 and growing in leaps and bounds ever since 2007 is shaping up to be a big year for TPA.... A gallery of his work can be found at, including his painted and other digital work

Plastic Age Webcomic | Print Version at the Online Store or at Graphic Action

Platinum Grit

Platinum GritA story about a broken boffin and the guarded family institution that even his sane relatives never let him in on - and the girl who followed him home. All served with oddities, ribaldry and gentle yearning

Platinum Grit Webcomic   |   Buy Platinum Grit at Lulu POD  |  Forum

Raymondo Person

Patrick Alexander's very funny adventures of Raymondo Person and his unusual friends.

:Raymondo Person Webcomic


Recombinant Records

Recombinant Records

Recombinant RecordsRecombinant Records is set in an Australian record store. The humour-based dialogue typically features discussion between the staff members about music artists and music culture. Using black and white line art, the comic has no set update schedule, with new instalments being posted to the website as they are completed.

About the Author
Stuart McMillen lives in Brisbane and draws cartoons for kicks.

Recombinant Record Website



ShinyverseThe ShinyVerse is a webcomic created and drawn by Jonathan Wilson. The comic is based on pop-culture, video games, science fiction, the everyday life of it's creator, and follows the strange exploits of a bunch of friends.

Shinyverse Website

SirIve's Journal Comics

Featuring "Those Guys", "New World War", real life stories and many other comics. Updated every weekday.

Live Journal Comics


Stark Reality

Stark Reality

Stark RealitySTARK REALITY is a sci/fi anthology, with a mix of stories that all take place within the same cityscape, it has humour, seriousness (sp) and GORE

About the Creators
STARK REALITY is written and illustrated by BMB, he loves his wife, his turtles, his comics and his PC but not much else.

Stark Reality Website



Terinu Peta Hewitt's long runing sci-fi story, following the adventures of Terinu, a fifteen-year old alien boy, the last known member of a genetically engineered slave race.

Terinu Website .


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