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Katie Galaxy

Katie Galaxy Inheriting Galaxy Salvage from her dad was a big deal. Now if all these low-lifes would stop hassling her, she could worry about saving her business... not the universe.

Katie Galaxy Website

Kitty Kazawa

Kitty KazawaA story of a girl, her guns and the demons in her life.

Kitty Kazawa website

Laura Seabrook's Web Comics

Laura Seabrook

Laura Seabrook's WebcomicsAn anthology of different strips by the named creator, including: Thud & Blunder; Future Imperfect; Hypergraphia; Apocryphal tales; and Tales of the Galli.

Laura Seabrooks Comics | Creator Bio

Life in Heck

Life in Heck

Life in HeckLaugh, Cry, Love. All with the residents oif Heck.
HECK,(hek),n.; Land of Evil Geniuses and Ninjas, where the chickens roam free & the boundaries are smudged so anything is possible.

  • The Ninja put the empty Milk Carton back in the fridge
  • Mike had a lot of overdue Library books
  • Dr Egghead was Aiding & Abetting Ninjas
  • Koala took the last cookie from the plate

And for these deeds they were sentenced to Heck.

Life in Heck Website


Go-anna from Magellan

The adventures of Kaycee Jones, a new recruit at the Magellan academy for aspiring superheros.

Magellan at Graphic Smash | Magellan at Webcomics Nation | Forum

Maxwell the Demon

Maxwell the Demon Life, love, hell and no sick days.

Maxwell Website | Meus Officium Minicomic


Monster - The Webcomic

Monster - The WebcomicMonstar is the literal personification of jealousy- an overweight, grey skinned, green eyed monster. Bunnee is an anthropomorphic representation of "dumb luck". They live in a big house in a small country town and have adventures. Jealous yet?

About the Creator:
Jacen Carpenter lives in a big house in a small country town. He has many adventures as a Solicitor but is just starting out in the comic scene.

Monstar Website

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