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Gaboury Island

Gaboury Island by Edward J. Grug"Gaboury Island" is the colourful story of a group of kid monsters told in snapshots of their daily lives

Gaboury Island Website|

Gang of Awesomes

Gang of Awesomes

Gang of Awesomes'Gang of Awesomes is a dystopian fantasy. It has vampires, and cybermen. Lazy police officers, mohawks, blatant anti-furry sentiments and poorly painted backdrops. Its funny, but its not 'har-har' funny. There's even a semblance of a plot in there. Rambling diatribes on inane topics and maybe people die. The story is told in bursts of different media. One chapter may be a comic, while another is an illistrated collection of short stories. In the end we learn moral lessons about loving each other. Everything comes up roses.'

About the Artist
The comic is written and illistrated by Josh Niczynski, a resident of
Adelaide, South Australia.

Gang of Awesomes website

Hairbutt the Hippo

The adventures of Australia's favourite overweight Hippo Detective

Hairbutt the Hippo homepage

Holy Cow Christian Comics

Holy Cow Christian Comics by Dean RankineComics used for good instead of evil (Well, sort of). Comics by Dean Rankine which tackle the big spiritual issues, like is it 'okay' to kiss dead goldfish. Features the stories Mighty Mega MEATMAN and the Pastrami of PAIN, God's Love is Like a Conjoined Twin, Live Organ Transplants, The Tijuana Bible Society, Jesus Meets Oprah and Midget Tossing

About the Artist:
Dean Rankine received a 'silver' and 'bronze' in the inaugural Ledger Awards to 'recognise excellence in the Australian Comic Arts Industry. His comics have appeared in a number of magazines including; Mania, KidZone, Kids Alive, Krash, K-Zone & Explore.

Holy Cow Webpage | Minicomics

Jessica McLeod's Comics Jessica McLeod's Comics Ghost, vampire, talking flowers and dinosaur - take a trip into the charming world of Jessica's comics

Jessics Monster Website

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