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Apocrypha - The Chronicles of the Fall.


ApocryphaFallen angels, banished to Hell on Earth..
The comics need to be downloaded in order to be read. The comics are only available online.

About the Creators
D.A. Trott - Film Student, Loves 3D animation, Loves mythology, Loves video games and headbanging to death metal love ballads (preferably at the same time), Loves Emma - Pet hate: daylight hours

S.C. Farrow - Ex Film student, Works for the 'Man, Hates working for the 'Man, Yearns to write stories all day long - Pet hate: people who spit

Apocrypha Website

Baika Liska

Baika Liska

Enter the world of Côen, an orphaned Fox Demon raised by his amorous caretaker Mao. Their pharmacy serves humans and spirits alike. When the supernatural threatens to be routine, Côen discovers the hidden truth about his past, and his ties to a god


Basic Wage Kids

Basic Wage Kids

Basic Wage KidsMeet Skip (guitar, vocals, ego), Emma (bass, violence), and Stu (drums, complete absence of brain), the three members of unsigned rock band Basic Wage Kids! Read all about their trials and tribulations on- and off-stage in this hilarious and slickly drawn all-ages comic by Bill Mitchell Memorial Award-winning cartoonist Owen Heitmann (author of How To Save The World: A Beginner’s Guide and 5031).

Basic Wage Kids is a newspaper-format comic strip of daily gags with occasional longer storylines. Several print collections are available.

Basic Wage Kids Website | Buy the Minicomics


Billy the Demon Slayer - Free Reign

Billy the Demon Slayer

Billy the Demon Slayer Free Reign...One Boy and his "handy-saws" against the legions of hell..." Australia's Hit Underground Comic series is now online, with new full colour comics created by Australia's very own elite comic creators!

Billy the Demon Slayer Free Reign website | Siberian Productions website

Blade Kitten

Blade Kitten There are times when you are on the wrong planet at the wrong time, doing the wrong job. For bounty hunter Kit Ballard and her cute sidekick Skiffy, this is one of those times... and all they wanted was a steak dinner.

Blade Kitten Website


Cosmic Corsairs

Cosmic CorsairsThe adventure of two space faring sisters - a complete story..

Cosmic Corsairs Website


Dark Nebula

Dark Nebula

The continuing adventures of Col. Mark Medula, The Dynamic Dark Nebula, as well as the Golden Age Southern Cross, & the Southern Squadron - who said yesterday's heroes aren't ready for tomorrow?

About the Creator:
Tad P. has been writing and producing comics in Australia since the early 80's - starting with 'The Dynamic Dark Nebula' Graphic Novel in '82. He then hooked up with the 'Cyclone' crew and continued to write the adventures of 'The Dark Nebula' and his other creation, 'The Golden Age Southern Cross', along with co-creator Glenn Lumsden) The new adventures of the Dark Nebula are illustrated by Shane Foley.

The Dark Nebula (subscription webcomic)

David Follett's Comics


A collection of comics by David Follett. ."Kookabarry's" is being printed in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph paper, as is "Harry the dog- news hound".
"Uncle Silas" is currently being fleshed out as a 120 page graphic novel.


Doc Rat

Doc Rat

Doc RatDoc Rat is a daily cartoon comic strip about the trials and tribulations of a GP, somewhere in some city in Australia. The characters are all animals, in this anthropomorphic world. There's Dr Ben Rat, a solo GP, his receptionist Gizelle, a gazelle, and his nurse Mary, a rabbit. There is also the local pharmacist, Phil Krubnuckle, who's an enormous old gorilla. It started in June 2006, and has over 300 strips in the archive.

About the Author
Jenner has been an Australian newspaper and magazine cartoonist for over twenty years, drawing professionally and non-professionally in both the Australian and US scene in the small amount of time outside his duties as a full-time doctor. He is currently working in a city general practice, and has adopted the anonymous pen name Jenner as an ethical courtesy. Although a daily strip on the Internet is a new venture for him, his Doc Rat character has been appearing in medical and non-medical magazines for over a decade

Doc Rat Website

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