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Magellan by Stephen Crowley

Magellan by Stephen Crowley

Kaycee Jones' dream has finally come true and she has been accepted at the prestigious Magellan academy for aspiring superheros. However she has to contend with being a superhero without any special gifts and with recurring nightmares from her past. Also not everyone is who they seem to be at Magellan, so it's sure to be a memorable first year for Kaycee.
A huge webcomic coming in at over 300 pages Magellan is an entertaining and well thought out superhero comics - good to read in longer sittings, as there are a wide variety of characters and subplots to take in.

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Mungo Bean by Jessica McLeodAustralian Comikiers have always been good at networking with each other - even though Australia doesn't really have a comics industry as such, there is a regular community of self-publishing artists and writers who keep the love of comic going in this country.

This page is a portal for webcomic work by Australians and we hope you will find something here you like - we aim to continue to add new sites as we find them, and you can be kept updated by our RSS feed if you are interested in finding out more. This page also links to a couple of online anthologies, so head on over to our pages on Wedcomics Nation if you would like to try a sampling of what's on offer.

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