St Catherine's Anglican Community - Centenary Suburbs

Weddings & Renewal of Wedding Vows

Marriage is a vision of life together in which two people live in a unity of body, mind and soul.
It is a relationship in which neither takes life from the other.
In grace and love new life is formed which is deeper and more creative than living alone.
In marriage two people dare to make the commitment to love each other for the rest of their lives. They announce their love as a sign of a new journey into life together.

We also provide the opportunity to share in the Renewal of Marriage Vows and to acknowledge and celebrate that continuing relationship.
Loving relationships are acknowledged not just on one day, at one event, but are a cumulative and ongoing shared expression of care, respect, trust and hope.

To make an enquiry: please contact the Reverend John Coleman email or the Parish Office phone 30765335 or email.

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