St Catherine's Anglican Community - Centenary Suburbs


Labyrinths can be traced back 3,500 years, but the Labyrinth at the Cathedral of Chartres in France – the pattern of our Labyrinth – dates to the 13th century. Throughout history, pilgrims have travelled to holy sites to encounter the sacred and renew their faith. When the Crusades and the plague made pilgrimage to the Holy Land almost impossible, Labyrinths came into use as a pilgrimage-in-place. Pilgrims could engage in the same kind of prayer journey without leaving their native land.

Libby Stark has some wonderful thoughts to share.  We offer these exercises and resources to use during this time.

Leaving your own footprints as you journey through some of the Labyrinths in this beautiful country of ours…

From your own home you have the personal space to explore these creative Labryinths with like minded people or even “newbies” like you and me who may have never had the calling to take these different steps.  No one is watching, no one is judging; just me doing this for me.  So maybe there will be a different experience to add to your book of memories, your Spiritual journey.  So let us begin the journey and walk to the centre of the circle to “the flame of warmth”, “the well of understanding,” “the heart centre,”

A lovely sunny day invites you to enter!  Stand quietly and listen to your breathing.  Breathe yourself slowly to zero, quietness, stillness and now begin the slow meandering journey with many twists and turns and simply empty the chatter of your mind as you go.  Stop on the turns and listen to your breathing and allow the sounds of nature to come into that space where it is continually filled with busyness.  As you slowly come to the centre, stop awhile on each petal.  These petals could represent your family, your own personal growth, your health and wellbeing, your desire to release a habit, your forgiving of self, your own Spiritual self which leads you to your God centre and the connecting threads to each of these areas of your life.  Stay awhile and feel that sense of stillness, mindfulness, nothingness, wonder filled, peaceful.

On your journey out from the Labyrinth centre you will perhaps connect more to the grace of God in your life, your family with more understanding of their strengths, struggles, and achievements, your own God given gifts, your healing and Peace.

Some will feel nothing, so you may choose to wander through several in one afternoon to receive that sense of calm, that sense of oneness.

There are more resources here.

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