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St Catherine’s is situated in the heart of the Centenary Suburbs in South West Brisbane.  We actively seek to celebrate our life with God, care for our community, grow in our relationship with God and each other, and share the life and love that Jesus brings.

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Public Services & Other Activities Update August 11.

Attendance at Services.

♥ Restrictions for churches have returned to those restrictions that were put in place immediately prior to lockdown, that is that we will need to observe — one person per 4 square metres.
That is no trouble for numbers but we will mark some seats as not being able to be used for these two weeks to allow space between people.

♥ Face masks must be worn. Those preaching, reading and leading services may remove their face mask in situations where clear enunciation or visibility of the mouth is essential.
How Masks Work

Morning Tea will be served, and people may now stand to eat and drink.

♥ A reminder that churches must collect contact details of attendees. We encourage you to bring your mobile phone and use the ‘Check In Qld’ app and the QR code that is around the entrances to the Church. We will need to check the tick as you enter. People will be around to assist you or if you do not have a smart phone, they will be able to log you in. 

♥ Vulnerable people in impacted areas who are unvaccinated, including people 70 years of age and older and those with certain medical conditions, are being encouraged to limit their activity in the community.
People in this category who are considering attending a worship service or other church gathering should be made aware of this advice.

♥ The decision to attend ultimately rests with the person in the vulnerable group. 

A list with the names of usual attendees will be at each service and names will be ticked when you arrive. Others can be added. We are now required to have an electronic list, so following the services we will transfer from the ticked sheet to the electronic sheet.
We encourage all attendees to download the Queensland Government QR app on their mobile phones and check in by scanning the code, which is displayed on posters at various locations around the church entrance.

♥ Chairs will still be spread out at the required distance in the church so that people not from the same household will be seated separately.
♥ We need to follow physical distancing rules (1.5 meters) when entering and exiting the church (there is to be no queueing at doorways) and when coming for communion.
♥ Hand sanitisers will be available at the church entrance and when coming for communion.
♥ We need to ensure adequate airflow through the building so some doors will remain open.
♥ Communion will be under one kind (sharing the host only); the greeting of peace will not include hugs or handshakes; a collection plate and the tap-and-go facilities will be available at the church entry rather than being passed around.
♥ Surfaces will be sanitised/disinfected between each service.

A service and readings will be emailed for all unable to attend. If you would like to included in the mailing list, please contact us.

The Government advice for people in vulnerable groups continues to be:
• Avoid non-essential travel.
• Stay at home and avoid contact with others.
Vulnerable people are at higher risk of serious illness if they are infected with the virus and include:
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 50 years and older with one or more chronic medical conditions.
• People 65 years and older with chronic medical conditions. Conditions included in the definition of ‘chronic medical conditions’ will be refined as more evidence emerges. The most current list can be accessed on the Department of Health website.
• People 70 years and older.
• People with compromised immune systems (see Department of Health website).
♥ Those who are in these high-risk categories should consider staying at home and participating online.
You must stay away if feeling unwell, even if mildly so.
Anyone with any cold-like/ flu-like symptoms will be directed to leave.
People with these symptoms should be encouraged to follow the advice of the Chief Health Officer and to promptly organise to get a Coronavirus test.
To be able to offer services we must follow the guidelines. 

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